1. 4 lb. 10 oz. 26 in. American Shad with a flutter spoon

    1. Brian Thomas 0
      Below 50 degree water temp bloodworms but it's hit or miss. Above 50 degree chunked bunker
    2. Ernesto Salgado 0
      What do you use for stripers? Yet to catch one. I'm still a very green angler. Haha
    3. Ernesto Salgado 0
      Right at the Easton Phillipsburg bridge.
    4. Brian Thomas 0
      Nice one! Where at because if the shad are hitting the Stripers can't be far behind!
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  2. Good catches all around. I'm heading down to Tennessee and will be fishing this lake at beginning of July. Any good coordinates anyone wouldn't mine sharing ...more so my 10hr trip isn't a complete waste. lol.

    1. Ernesto Salgado 0
      Haven't decided yet. But where in launching my boat is more towards the south end of the lake. But I'm open to al locations that people have had success
    2. Shannon Thompson 0
      What part of the lake will you be fishing?
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