1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a KVD swim jig w/ cane thumper

    1. TroTro 0
      He almost swallowed it!!
    2. Will Andrie 0
      @fishin_man Thank you!
    3. jason felter 0
      Sweet picture and nice fish!
    4. Will Andrie 0
      Yeah i do, it's about an hour and a half from me
    5. Landon Dennis 0
      If you drive we should fish lake arlington? Idk how far it is from waco
    6. Will Andrie 0
      @landond113 Absolutely man! That sounds awesome!
    7. Landon Dennis 0
      Nice fish! If you ever want to fish and/or your around lake arlington or joe pool hmu! I bet i could learn some stuff from you
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a 1/4 ounce jig with a zoom super chunk trailer

    Bass are just now up in the shallows looking to make their beds. With only one thing on their mind which is spawning its tough to get them to bite, the only thing ...more they would bite was a jig thrown from a long way away that was quickly moved and popped right into their face. Managed to land 2 solid 3 1/2 pound fish with a 5lber throwing my jig and the last cast of the day.πŸ˜”

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Shakeyheads, tx-rigs

    Water temp 55-58, First time ever on this lake and i first saw that there were not any males that had moved up shallow yet. Backed off into about 20ft of water of ...more the first drop and BAM! There they were, here are our best 2. Caught 8 in 2hrs

  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a The kitchen sink

    Fished the south 40 shootout at Lake Whitney today and got 4th place worth $400 with 16.10lbs . Fished through 20 degree weather and managed to come up with a limit. ...more Water temp was 46 degrees.

    1. fishinginvermont123 0
      Nice job if I got $400.00 rite after the tournament rite to bass pro to get new rod and lures πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but good job
  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Booyah chatterbait

    Another pic of the 10.2

    1. PrimeTimeBaits 0
      Nice fish man! You have an Instagram?! I post pictures on the page keepitreelfishing(18k followers) and will post this one, just DM it!
    2. Will Andrie 0
      @MattBabbitt theyre out there!
    3. Matt Babbitt 0
      Awesome fish buddy! Hope I can get me a double digit one day!
    4. thefishwhisperer 0
      Sweet can't wait to see it
    5. Will Andrie 0
      @thefishwhisperer you bet!
    6. thefishwhisperer 0
      Awesome! Did you get video of it?
    7. Will Andrie 0
      @Luke_Adams behind whitney dam
    8. Luke_Adams 0
      What stretch of river cause I fish near China spring just wondering? Awesome fish though!
    9. BearC02 0
      Yep! It's all there. Every bit of 10.
    10. BearC02 0
      Every bit of 10
    11. Will Andrie 0
      @Peytond52 yah man it honestly was.
    12. Peyton Dalatri 0
      I believe its 10 awesome fish
    13. Will Andrie 0
      @BigChance56 hey man i dont lie about my fish scale locked in at 10.2.
    14. BigChance56 0
      Dude nice fish...but Im not believing 10.2 I would say solid 7 maybe 8...good fish but not 10 lol
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Booyah chatterbait

    Pb bass today weighing in at 10.2lbs! Who says you cant catch bass in 30 degree weather?! Slow rolling the chatterbait in a known bed area where i thought the fish ...more would of backed off from the weather and he THUMPED it! Weighed it on the cull em right digital scale but did not have a soft tape on me so i did not get the length or girth. But yes its a brazos river record.

    1. PrimeTimeBaits 0
      Yeah would love to see the video of that thing!
    2. Will Andrie 0
      @jhoutdoors its not yet posted im still editing
    3. Will Andrie 0
      @jhoutdoors well i dont have a youtube yet but i am on my instagram
    4. Will Andrie 0
      @solorider4o8 thanks man!
    5. solorider4o8 0
      U can bet your ass three is more then one keep moving up and down u got one u can get anthor big one great fish
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Chatterbait

    Same fish as previous blert.

  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Chatterbait

    Windy day at the river, rolling the chatter bait in 1FOW, ripping through hydrilla and this nice 4lber choked it.

    1. Will Andrie 0
      @BIGsmallie Thank you!
    2. Paul Lukas 0
      @Will_Andrie Awesome River LargieπŸ‘
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  9. My new baby😍!!! Just picked up our new 2014 521c ranger boat. Rigged with an evinrude 250, minn kota fortex 112 and two minn kota talons! Cant wait to get on the ...more water!🐟

    1. Will Andrie 0
      @mharr32 imaging and the one on the deck is down imaging. I can send you more pics if your intrested.
    2. Will Andrie 0
      @mharr32 asking 20,900 for it. Its actually a 2004 bass cat cougar model. With a minn kota fortrex 101. A mercury outboard 250, front deck lights, two humminbirds ...more 598c's the one in the console is side
    3. mharr32 0
      Yeah @Will_Andrie
    4. Will Andrie 0
      @mharr32 you mean how much we want for it?
    5. mharr32 0
      How much you all have on the Bass Cat?
    6. Matt Babbitt 0
      Time to take me fishing on it!
    7. fishstalkerchris 0
      BOAT- Bust Out Another Thousand
    8. Will Andrie 0
      @mharr32 thank you man!
    9. Will Andrie 0
      @uglyst1ck thank you!
    10. Will Andrie 0
      @King_Fisher thank you man!
    11. Will Andrie 0
      @noahlee18 its a 2003 bass cat cougar. With a minn kota fortrex 112, two 12" humminbird side imaging graphs and a mercury 225. In great shape, its been garaged ...more for 12 years. And is for sale
    12. King_Fisher 0
      Nice ride I love the paint job!
    13. noah lee 0
      what's the other boat back there ?
    14. JustinGoodman 0
    15. Travis Henderson 0
    16. YakinTexasBrandon 0
    17. mharr32 0
      Beautiful rig, man. @Will_Andrie
    18. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Sick ride
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Koppers live target frog

    Not 2 casts after i caught that 5.62. I was reeling my frog in to make abother cast and this monster 7.31lb bass smashed it! Got my wrapped around a tree so i had ...more to wade in 3ft of water and got her! Nothing like cold water bass!!

    1. Will Andrie 0
      @Michigan_Bassin thanks man! Ill definitely try!
    2. Michigan_Bassin 0
      Starting off 2k15 with a bang I see(; Nice pig man! Get a 9 before the year is over
    3. Will Andrie 0
      @Dbradford28 waco,tx
    4. Dustin Bradford 0
      nice catch buddy! what part of the brazos you at?
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