1. Back to back casts in weeds. One is 27 inches, other is 25 inches

    Northern Pike with a double jointed rapala

  2. 5 lb. 29 in. Northern Pike with a mepp spinner- size 3

    1. Jason Schieffer 0
      Be up fishing out of Sugar Point in a month! Looking for eyes and pike!!
  3. Details: Lilly pads for days


  4. Details: walleye 26 inches

    26 inches caught by my buddy. Let it go because we filled limit already that day

  5. Details: Cabbage Weeds (Perch and Northern Hideout)

    We come here every year, around June time and this place is rocking with foot long perch and 25 inch northern on average.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species walleye, Northern, Bass
  • Lure Mepps Spinner #3