1. Walleye with a Worm harness

    1. virgil moore 0
      Not 2day. Yrs ago!!
  2. Flathead Catfish

    1. Brandi Moore 0
      you should be on River Monsters for that big guy!
    2. Michael Lewis 0
      what did it weigh
    3. Michael Lewis 0
      my favorite fish to catch nice fish !!!!!
    4. Allan Prasil 0
      That is a big ole cat nice catch
    5. Roger Parker 0
      That's one to be proud of!!
    6. virgil moore 0
      Not 2day. Yrs ago
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  3. Black Crappie with a minnow

    1. James Hiteshew 0
      Hi Virgil, very nice and great eating. Your post said Pymatuning, when I clicked view on map the lake wasn't Pymatuning in Crawford County, Pa. The map was ...more of Oklahoma. What state where in ? Thanks for all the info 🐠
    2. rodney jackson 0
      what park of the lake
    3. Darrell McNeal 0
      big ole slab NICE
    4. b ripoer 0
      Nice slab
    5. virgil moore 0
      Caught 2day.
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species crappie
  • Waterway Erie
  • Lure minnow