1. 35" Musky from northern Indiana lake

  2. Changing up a bit, got out of boat and into field. Dove season opened yesterday. Had a great opening day hunt. Will be musky fishing Chippewa Flowage in Hayward ...more Wisconsin week after next. Hope to post some good pics from that trip.

  3. Smallmouth Bass with a Wacky

    1. Scott S 0
    2. Danny Swails 0
      White River near Broad Ripple
    3. Scott S 0
      Nice Smallie, that looks more like Fall Creek than White River
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  4. Muskellunge with a Bucktail

    1. Al Van 0
      wrong Bass Lake. This area is for the bass lake by Knox,In. No musky here.
    2. Cayden Chumly 0
      cool i'll check it out
    3. Danny Swails 0
      Check out the lower lip. It was like a gator, really thick, screwed up! He's been in shallows trying to span with female, look at raw tail
    4. Danny Swails 0
      Caught largest one 10ft from shore at 1st cove a SW corner. Caught smaller one in middle of lake West of island in about 8ft of water. Caught both on Bucher Bucktail.
    5. Cayden Chumly 0
      Dude Nice where in bass lake did you catch him at
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  5. 5/15/21

    32” Musky

  6. 5/15/21

    37” Musky

  7. Son caught strip pit near Edinburgh IN.

    44 in. Muskellunge with a bucktail

  8. MUSKY!! Son caught Saturday evening in strip pit near Edinburgh. 44”! Fish was very healthy, thick from head to tail! Caught on bucktail.

  9. Tail waters north of 136

  10. Muskellunge with a Bucktail

    1. Josh Sommerville 0
      Good oneπŸ‘πŸ»