1. Details: tail waters of dam

    good fishing when dam flows are off or down significantly

  2. Details: 12 oz. 11 in. Largemouth Bass with a Hollow tube jig

    Caught this little guy in a cover area with a hollow white tube on a 1/16th jig head. He caught it on the fall.

  3. Details: tail waters

    perch, catfish, carp

    1. Leanne Myers 0
      honestly, we were using worms haha. just put em under a bobber, toss em out, and grab perch like mad! Didn't have any luck with anything but perch, though. Had ...more no luck above the dam, not even a nibble.
    2. Ray Younger 0
      I'm out at the dam 3 or 4 times a month. I haven't had any luck down from the dam though. I always end up above the dam. If you have any pointers I'd ...more love to hear some...everyone tells me below the dam is a hot spot but no luck for me.
    3. Leanne Myers 0
      stated on the lake down from the dam. ended on the tail waters.
    4. Ray Younger 0
      Where were you on the loyalhanna?
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  4. Details: 1 lb. Largemouth Bass with a Minnow

    caught behind a rock

  5. Details: corner by drain

    1. Leanne Myers 0
      I've noticed that too. haven't caught much there this year
    2. Conner Owens 0
      Large bass not very aggressive/ will catch a lot of smaller sized bass
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  6. anyone have a good spot for trout fishing?

  7. How often you fishing at cheat? With who?

    1. Leanne Myers 0
      yeah sounds good. it's leanne.myers15@gmail.com
    2. Marc Aka 0
      Sounds good! I would be up for meeting on the water and doing some fishing! Email?
    3. Leanne Myers 0
      I fish there a couple times a month, depending on the weather. usually I go with a friend or two. whoever is around haha
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  8. Any cheat lake fishing friends?


I've been fishing for a while, but still a work in progress. I love to learn new techniques and tricks/tips. Basically still a beginner, so I'll ...more take any advice. Mostly do shore fishing and a bit from the boat when I feel like taking it out.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species large mouth bass, small mouth bass
  • Waterway Cheat Lake
  • Lure jig head tubes, craw jigs, Texas rigs, spinners, crank bait