1. Largemouth Bass with a Buzzbait

  2. 27 inch 8lb channel cat. What a great fight!!

    Channel Catfish with a Bucktail jig tipped with worm

    1. Sergio Trevino 0
      Chicken liver?
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice Cat Ashley!
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  3. Largemouth Bass with a Frog

    1. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Great bass, Ashley!
    2. Bill Fussell 0
      There ain't nothing like a frog bite :) nice fish
    3. kenny thompson 0
      Nice bass Ashley!!!
    4. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice one Ashley!!!
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  4. 14 lb. 31 in. Channel Catfish with a Mepps #4 black fury fluorescent orange

  5. Haven't added any pictures recently cause I been on the quest for big fish. Sorry the picture is not the greatest it was right before dark. It was such a strong ...more and fun fight. My first musky!

    Muskellunge with a Mepps #5 pink aglia

    1. Scott Schulte 0
      Damn nice fish. Good job
    2. Tone H 0
    3. kenny thompson 0
      Awesome Ashley!!!
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  6. Yellow Perch with a Worm

    1. Drew Gierach 0
      Monster perch, nice work!
    2. Ashley Robell 0
      12 and 1/2 inches. Master angler for iowa.
    3. Kenneth Campfield 0
      what a fatty how long was it
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  7. Chomp chomp

    Largemouth Bass with a Berkley power bait

    1. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Nice bass!
    2. Tashia Thompson 0
      Nice catch!
    3. Ashley Robell 0
      Thanks Kenny!! Been on the spawn
    4. kenny thompson 0
      Wow girl!!! You on em!!! Way to go!!
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  8. Largemouth Bass with a Worm

    1. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome fish!
    2. kenny thompson 0
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  9. It bit it!

    Largemouth Bass with a Crawdad lure

    1. J Kay Hall 0
      Girly we all gonna want us some of them green boots . U r slaying them! Keep on having fun!
    2. Christopher Pereira 0
      chomp chomp
    3. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      All she does is kick Bass!!! Good work Ashley!!!
    4. kenny thompson 0
      You're on some bass Ashley!! Way to go!!!
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  10. Fun day. Caught a few

    Largemouth Bass with a Worm

    1. Eddie Goode 0
      Goode one
    2. kenny thompson 0
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  • Species I love to catch any species of fish, as long as I got my line in the water
  • Lure spinner bait, buck tail jig, Texas rig, swim baits, live bait, plastics, and top water action!