1. little panfishing action always is good.

    4 in. Bluegill with a live bait

  2. 15 lb. Hybrid Striped Bass with a live bait

    1. Bill Shoemaker 0
      Thanks John.
    2. John Ellermann 0
      Bill, we used shad, the guide go's out early and catches the bait to fish with. We trolled drifting lines along about 30 ft from shore until we got a snag on ...more a fish.
    3. Bill Shoemaker 0
      John what live bait did you use, trout, shad, etc?
    4. John Ellermann 0
      jon its not worth an argument. Sorry you feel as if I'm lying or telling fish stories. I joined this group because I believed it didn't have the bullshit ...more other sites have. I fish constantly own my own boat now I'm guilty of not putting all my catches up on here but you sir call me out.... look at your page, no spots, no catches, shit now even a profile picture. So sit there and tell me your not a troll. and by the way a guide took me out on the lake and help me catch this fish. hhe weighed it not me.
    5. jon plowman 0
      im not being a troll i just think its bullshit how ppl on the internet constantly add size to their fish. your not fooling anybody that fishes constantly.
    6. jon plowman 0
      if your scale said 15 pounds that thing is broke.
    7. John Ellermann 0
      scale don't lie so why would I. Don't be a troll jon
    8. jon plowman 0
      not even close to 15 pounds
    9. David M Riggleman 0
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  3. 19 lb. Hybrid Striped Bass with a plastic jig

  4. Caught this beauty on a jig


    1. John Ellermann 0
    2. Jimmy Ellermann 0
      Fantastic catch. you get that at the dam?
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  5. Fished about 3/4 of the lake all different depths with downriggers. A whole day and evening plus a tank of fuel wasted on a DEAD SEA. Worst waterway I ever fished.

    1. John Ellermann 0
      main lake, dam, Island by the swimming section all the way into the no wake zone to the forks. We managed to catch a rope used for water skiing from the bottom and ...more brought it home to trash. Kinda disappointed, thought I'd atleast bring one fish on the boat.
    2. Zach Wieller 0
      tough lake but some nice fish in it. My favorite lake to fish
    3. ben greeley 0
      what were you targeting?
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Volunteer Firefighter/EMT, Fuel delivery driver. When I'm not working or saving lives I'm fishing or hunting. been fishing eastern PA waterways ...more since I was 12 years old, purchased my first boat with my twin brother at age 18. We've hauled our fair share of fish including Alantic Ocean Stripers and Fluke. Recently just got into downriggers on our newest boat "Fisher 1710". Looking to share my knowledge with other Fishermen and looking to listen to their's.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass
  • Waterway Beltzville Lake
  • Lure wooly-bugger on a Fly rod