1. 53 lb. 51 in. flathead catfish with a power worm

    1. Scott Sorrell 0
      I hooked a channel cat on Lake Monroe with a crankbait.....thought the same thing for a few minutes.
    2. larry caudill 0
      I was fishing for bass and I told my wife when I first hooked it if this is a bass I have the state record. After a few minutes I knew it was a big cat but never ...more thought it was that big .I had a heck of a time getting it in the boat ..It wouldn't fit into my landing net .Lol!! cat .
    3. Scott Sorrell 0
      On a power worm....?....were you fishing for bass?
      I bet you thought you hooked a record bass...lol
    4. Robert Coleman 0
      Wow! What a pig! 👍👍👍👍
    5. terry a 0
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