1. are there any walleye in this lake? some sites say there are but I was always lead to believe their arent.

    1. Jonathan Thurman 0
      I know somebody that put some in there and I've caught them a few years ago
    2. Dallas King 0
      I've caught loads of 10 to 14 inch out of here the most bites is behind the bait hoise
    3. Robert Haynes 0
      Never seen/caught any
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  2. trolled for walleye. only caught a couple walleye, non big enough to keep. and caught a couple nice crappie while trolling. deep diving cranks

    13 in. Walleye

    1. J C 0
      Have you been back since?
    2. Fen Wick 0
      it's a good way to locate fish.
    3. Jeremiah Wattigny 0
      I been thanking about getting into trolling
    4. Fen Wick 0
      our crankbaits went about 8 to 10 feet deep. we trolled back and forth over a hump that went from like 17 feet up to 6 feet
    5. Jeremiah Wattigny 0
      How deep you trolling?
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  3. how's the walleye been here recently? also does anyone know water conditions right now?

    1. Dave Scott 0
      lake up about ten inches above summer pool. walley hitting good in 20 to 25 ft of water at night
    2. chris davis 0
      I need some tips on lures to use to catch walleye at Brooksville lake me and my grandpa go during the summer and haven't had much luck I've only seen 1 walleye ...more in person of really like to try and catch a lot more this summer
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  4. anyone hooked any walleye out here lately

  5. Has anyone had any luck with walleyes in the reservoir this year?

    1. Fen Wick 0
      cool, thanks! gives me a place to start.
    2. Tracy Adams 0
      Off the drop along Hobbie Cat beach trolling and casting around the water intake has been the best areas for me. Talked with a guy who claimed he got a limit of ...more keepers so maybe I am just finding the little guys
    3. Fen Wick 0
      What side of the lake were you catching the little eyes ?
    4. Fen Wick 0
      Really? I was hoping to catch some keeper walleyes this year. I'm going to try sometime this week. Yeah it seems like the white bass and crappie are doing pretty ...more well the past few years.
    5. Tracy Adams 0
      Little ones, plenty of crappie, white bass and catfish though
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  6. Alright, it's almost time to start fishing Little EC. Anybody start yet?

    1. Eric Aldridge 0
      Waters likely still in 30a. Whitelick still had ice on Friday.
  7. How's the ice fishing been? Also how thick is the ice?

    1. Jeffrey Suhre 0
      I'm ready to go out next weekend after I register my boat this week
    2. Scott S 0
      I have seen signs of people being on the ice.....but I don't have anything to report
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  8. Anyone know how the muskie fishing has been or heard of anyone doing any good?

    1. joe davis 0
      Webster has been doing good as usual, try white spinners
  9. Anyone know how the Muskie fishin has been in this lake?

  10. My dad caught this Trolling shad colored crank. Other than that fishing seemed slow.

    Largemouth Bass with a crankbait

    1. Josh J 0
      What did it weigh?
    2. Scott S 0
      Nice one
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