1. 9 specs and a flounder on Galveston East Bay. If I'm being honest, my wife caught 7 of the trout and the flounder...and I didn't even get a guides tip!!

    1. kenny thompson 0
      Yeah I got a la license. I fish calcasieu and this year I'm gonna fish vermillion bay for the first time in a trout tournament.
    2. Teddy Brisendine 0
      It's certainly got some good spots if you know where to go...Madam Johnson's bayou, 4 bayou's and the Jetty's out in the channel are all really good ...more spots - make sure though if you fish on the LA side that you have a LA fishing license. They check often and the limits between TX and LS are different in both amount you can keep and the size. If you put in on the TX side, make sure you only keep TX limits. LA limits are more on the daily bag and less on the length. I usually put in on the LA side if I fish over there.
    3. kenny thompson 0
      Fishing Sabine is on my bucket list.
    4. Teddy Brisendine 0
      I'm in. I actually live in Beaumont but would rather travel to the Galveston area. People are nicer and its much less crowded than Sabine Lake.
    5. kenny thompson 0
      Glad to see more Galveston guys. Think all us Galveston guys need to get together and sling some trout!!!
    6. kenny thompson 0
      Nice trout!!! Don't worry every time my wife goes she out fishes me. It's all good. I enjoy watching and helping her as much as I like catching trout.
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Never been much of a fisherman but I am starting to learn! I have a 19' Nautic Star CC and am starting to explore the Sabine lake fishing spots. ...more Still learning how to use soft plastics and which one to use..