1. Chain Pickerel with a nightcrawler

    1. Adam Windsor 0
      Comment to all: Are there ever days when all the guys get together at Loch Raven or anyplace and just do a group fishing day? I haven't been here long, so figured ...more I'd ask.
    2. Adam Windsor 0
      That's a great pickerel! I've gotta get back to LRR soon!
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  2. My biggest catch at Loch Raven . Hit a trolled nightcrawler on a ned rig hook set. Glad I had a net and my son along to boat this bugger.

    3 lb. 8 oz. 24 in. Chain Pickerel with a Nightcrawler, Ned Rig

    1. shane shepherd 0
      nice fish!
  3. Loch Raven Reservoir
    September 2, 2018
    11 AM
    24 inches, 3.5 # Pickerel