1. Heading to chic next Friday. Hasn't been any activity on here. Do I need to just bring my ice fishing gear? Any info on the bite

    1. keynon young 0
      Thanks Dallas maybe I'll run into you on the lake
    2. Dallas Davis 0
      Jerk baits off main channel points. Also, A rig
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  2. It's been to cold/windy to get to brookville in the past couple weeks. Anyone offer any information on the walleye and or smallmouth

  3. I caught one but i don't fish for them. Didn't see any others that i can say were croppie

  4. Walleye fishing under the bridge was good this weekend. Also caught several smallmouth and a couple largemouth. Watchout for the Fairfield boat ramp. I backed off ...more the end of the pad and hung the trailer. Thank god for other fishermen with the willingness to help when they could be fishing. I would thank them by name but don't think I got them. I do want to thank Jay at jays midlake bait. He warned me and when I called him after I hung it he made calls to get help but we got it before he could respond

    1. Kenneth Kitchen 0
      Drove past on the causeway, saw several boats in the buoy field.Looked like a great day to be on the water..wish I was there..
    2. keynon young 0
      I caught one but don't fish for them. Didnt see any others caught as far as I know
    3. fred stockberger 0
      Yikes, that could have been bad without some help. Did you see any crappie action when you got to the bridge?
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  5. Does anyone know what boat ramp supports the most major bass tournaments on watts bar lake if there is one

    1. keynon young 0
      Thanks Braden
    2. Braden Womac 0
      Watts bar dam and Hornsby Hollow
    3. keynon young 0
      Thanks for the heads up
    4. John French 0
      For Watts Bar Tom Fuller Park
    5. Cody Lang 0
      It would have to be the one by the dam
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