1. hey bud. i dont know if i can get a message to you this way or not but..... here goes. Im not done with the lakes yet but ricky has been taking me over to the river ...more latley. You should get my number from him and shoot me a text. we can hit the ice before its all gone.

  2. Details: crappie,gills northern

    13 ft.

  3. Lake Trout with a do jigger

    1. jim sutterfield 0
      I have only fished Higgins lake twice but both times I was on the north end. I caught Lakers in 100ft of water and perch close to the boat launch in 35ft of water. ...more That is about the only advise I got to offer... good luck!!
    2. Bailey Nash 0
      I'm looking to go out on Higgins for the first time. any info on where to go? I have to travel a few hours and any info would help!
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