1. I got my boating license!

  2. Need some help identifying round baitcaster types. Thumb bar is the reels with the black pad that you push down with your thumb and push button is the one with the ...more little metal button?

  3. The trout down here on tanny seamed to have shut off. Any luck out there?

  4. anyone know any good dry fly patterns for early spring? I have been looking at Adams dry fly but not sure outside of that.

  5. right now on taneycomo below the dam they are running water and a lot of shad are coming through. last time I was out we they were hammering anything white.

  6. it was a cold morning 39 degrees and windy. Girlfriends first fish on a fly rod.

    3 lb. 18 in. Rainbow Trout with a white jig

    1. Sammy Young 0
      Might need to check your scale. If that fish was 1 lb. I would be shocked.
    2. Eddie Goode 0
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  7. Details: Eddie hole just down from mdc hatchery

    on right hand side going down streem from the damn.

  8. It was a nice warm day we put in just down from the Mdc hatchery in a drift boat. I was jig and floating a white San wan worm on a 9ft 6wt fly rod. didn't know ...more how to best hold the fish sorry.

    3 lb. 19 in. Rainbow Trout with a San wan worm

    1. Orin Mount 0
      ^-^ it was a nice catch. That was the biggest fish I have caught on my fly gear. If you like to fly fish, we went through river runs outfiter really great folks.
    2. Brian Quisenberry 0
      Nice catch!!! Those trout are some slippery little suckers!!! Love drifting taneycomo one of my favorite trout fishing lakes!!
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Not much to say just someone who likes to fish. Random thing about me, my life dream is to be a pro angler.

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