1. Headed up to Conroe this week. First time fishing there, any tips on catching some bass are appreciated.

  2. Headed to Lake Raven in a week. Never been before and looking for ways to catch em. Any tips and insight is appreciated. Heard it’s the land of the giant bass.

    1. Mark Oland 0
      Jared, don’t fish there much. lake has a lot of grass and Lilly pads from the shoreline. I’ve had success with a spinner bait along the grass line and a weightless ...more worm into the grass. in case you don’t know it also has a nice population of gators. good luck
    2. Christopher Pereira 0
      try posting directly into that lake's feed. then anglers that follow that lake will see it.
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  3. Anyone know why this happens? A bunch of dead shad all over the pond. I still saw schools of them that looked fine also about 8 or 9 seagulls flying over head. Oh ...more ya it is my favorite pond too.

  4. Well I need to start throwing chatter baits more. I bought some a while back and never liked them. Looking for a brand of chatterbaits heard a lot of good stuff ...more about zman but was looking to see if there are any other brands. I like the look of the zman custom im looking for a more life like presentation like the zman custom, some preferably with eyes kind of like a swim jig. Really anything will do. Also looking for trailers, paddle tails, craws or chunks. I throw a lot of swim jigs so I don't think that will be as much of a problem.

  5. Looking to buy a new spinning reel. Looking to spend about 80 dollars or so. I was looking at the Lews Mach 2 speed spin but the reviews weren't the best. Thoughts?? ...more I will be using it for finesse bass fishing.

    1. Alvin Randolph 0
      Pfluger.....got mine a couple of years ago from Gander Mountain on Black Friday...came with an extra spool so I could change line on the fly if need....smooth drap....awesome ...more performance:
    2. scott clark 0
      I use all shimano had some for probably 20years,lil more pricey but last forever
    3. Christopher Pereira 0
      pflueger is good, but they're heavy for their size. You'll get much better feel the lighter you go. important for finesse fishing.
    4. Jake Joseph 0
      I've got Pflueger reels of all sizes and love them all great reel for the money IMO
    5. Christopher Pereira 0
      i replaced my pflueger presidents with ardent cforces. pfluegers are good but you don't realize how heavy the pfluegers are til you use lighter stuff. Lighter ...more reels will make a big difference with finesse fishing, but i haven't tried the ardent bolt which would be the one in your price range (others seem to like it though). I can get you a 25% off though if you wanted to try it. 3 year warranty is pretty sweet too.
    6. Brian Quisenberry 0
      I second the pflueger!!
    7. justin bromley 0
      shimano sahara
    8. Dillen Kangas 0
      I would go with a pflueger I have one and it is amazing and I spent 70 bucks
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  6. New PB caught on my favorite craw a bruiser baits crazy craw. On my new lews custom speed spool SLP. Also caught 4 other decent sized fish on the crazy craw

    7 lb. 23 in. Largemouth Bass with a Bruiser Baits crazy craw (black and blue) 1/4 oz. swagger Tackle co weight

    1. Kenneth Olivo 0
      Nice fish!
    2. Michael Tucker 0
      Nice Fish. Great job
    3. Jared Berkovsky 0
      Thanks Morris and Noah.
    4. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice one Jared!!! Way to go. Congrats
    5. Noah Shapiro 0
      Good fish
    6. Jared Berkovsky 0
      Thanks guys.
    7. Pete Garm 0
      Dude, hog daddy bucketmouth. nice fish
    8. Robert Coleman 0
      Congrats Jared! What a hawg!
    9. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Congrats on the new PB. that's a fatty!!
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  7. Biggest bass on a topwater. Exploded on it when I wasn't looking. Forgot to post it a few days ago.

    4 lb. 12 oz. 21 in. Largemouth Bass with a Spook (sexy shad)

    1. Noah Shapiro 0
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice one Jared!!!
    3. Mike Ellertson 0
      Nice fish!! Great catch!!
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  8. New PB! Ran down to the pond for 20 minutes. Caught on a Spro Little John 50 and a HnH 7' ML Hx4 series rod.

    5 lb. 12 oz. 24 in. Largemouth Bass with a Spro Little John 50 (Nasty shad)

    1. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Thats just a step closer to your first 10lber Jared!
    2. Noah Shapiro 0
      Good one
    3. Jared Berkovsky 0
      Thanks guys.
    4. Robert Coleman 0
      Congrats Jared!
    5. Ronald Howell 0
      Nice. Always take what time you have and make the most of it. Good job.
    6. Christopher Pereira 0
    7. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice work Jared!! Congrats
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  9. Favorite fluorocarbon and braid? I am looking for new line to use. I was thinks bf about vicious because I had used there Fluoro before and their braid has great ...more reviews. What do y'all think?

    1. Jared Berkovsky 0
      Thanks guys.
    2. John Burdette 0
      Power Pro
    3. James Cooley 0
      can't go wrong with seagar 100% flouro Jared. also the suffix elite brand is very good as well.
    4. NJ Squatch 0
      Invizx 12-15# on BC. 4-8# vanish on spinning. Power pro or suffix 832 braid.
    5. Christopher Pereira 0
      Trielene 100% flouro and vanish do a fine job for me 4-12# class, if i'm looking more for a thick tooth resistant leader i go with 50-80# yozuri. Braid I go ...more with powerpro, never had a problem. But i can't wait for Ardent to come out with their braid so i can use it!
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  10. Looking at fish finders for a kayak. Should I get one with just down imaging or down imaging and gps?

    1. Keith Bodine 0
      Didn't know that Morris. What brand are you referring to?
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      You can pay the same money and get cartography too. Just a thought.
    3. Keith Bodine 0
      That's all I need in shallow water. I enter my starting point and my fishing spot, then follow the yellow brick road back to Kansas. 😁
    4. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      The new Garmin strikers do not have Cartography. Just shows waypoints you have entered.
    5. Keith Bodine 0
      Drew, that's a great idea about using Fishidy's GOS coordinates. Thanks for the tip.
    6. Keith Bodine 0
      Jared, I just got rid of my Lowrance and got the new Garmin Striker 4CV with chirp and GPS for my kayak. It's perfect for Luce Bayou, and I use it in West Bay. ...more $179.00 at West Marine in Kemah. I got the two tear extended warranty for $29, and if it breaks due to lightening strike or just quits working, West Marine will replace on the spot. Don't waster your money on the $110 Garmin Striker. It doesn't compare.
    7. Roy Carender 0
      Get the most u can afford u won't regret it
    8. Jared Berkovsky 0
      Thanks guys. I was looking into Garmin and Humminbird units.
    9. Jacob Anderson 0
      GPS is definitely a plus, you can mark your waypoints and hot spots and come back to them later. I recently won an older Lowrance sonar unit and all it has is the ...more traditional sonar screen, no GPS. For now, I'll be using Fishidy to mark spots that I find, but it would be really nice to have a GPS/sonar unit for convenience and the fact that I can only use Fishidy where I get data with my phone. If you plan on using the unit a lot you probably won't regret spending a bit more for a unit with GPS.
    10. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Gps is for navigation. Saving fishing spots or other points of interest. These are referred to as waypoints. Down scan is a sonar usually in 455 or 800 MHZ. Newer ...more units usually use an all in one transducer. Garmin, Lowrance and Simrad are all good brands.
    11. Jared Berkovsky 0
      Thanks Keith. What is the difference between side imaging and gps?
    12. Keith Thompson 0
      Down imaging, side imaging and GPS if you can swing it
    13. Drew Gierach 0
      Great question and I'm looking forward to hear what others have to say. Personally I use a combo of the Fishidy app and iBobber device. I use the Fishidy website ...more and app to pre-plan and mark a few spots to try, and then use the gps in the app as navigation. It's not perfect, but it works. I then use my iBobber device to get a more accurate (updated) look of what's going on once I get to the spot.
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