1. 16 in. Saugeye

    1. Tim Swartz 0
      Yeah not sure what I was thinking when posted that, def.Spillway. Boat is ready to go don't you know now have had brake issues. Gonna get all together next day ...more or 2 fish feel my wrath Chas Cjas. mill
    2. Tobin Pokrzywa 0
      Tim, that looks like the spillway to me, could be wrong though.
    3. Tim Swartz 0
      Darren if you get a chance, take a look at (Pleasant Hill, Charles Mill and Clear Fork) under my waterways. Some pretty good spots, I mainly Bass fish but will occasionally ...more switch gears and go after either Crappie or Saugeye . Just thought I'd mention it
    4. Tim Swartz 0
      Cool Darren, If you don't mind my askin' 1) What were you using and from the pic it looks like you're near the bridge, is that near where you caught ...more 'em?Don't got give your secret spot or anything up. I am just curious, I moved down to Crestline in July from Toledo, usually fish Clear Fork or Pleasant Hill when I can get over that way.I have a Bass Boat and my wife is the only one I have to fish with down here, my sons (25 &21) live in Toledo so maybe we could get together and do some fishin'. Nice catch!!
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