1. Largemouth Bass with a Fluke

    1. Jim Ebarb 0
      I don't want to be a jerk but that's not completely accurate. For Texas to take a fish to the hatchery it has to be a ShareLunker which has to be 13 pounds ...more or bigger. The Toledo Bend Lake Association started the Toledo Bend Lunker Program. In the program, any fish 10 pounds or bigger that is weighed at an official weigh station, is tagged and released and the angler gets a free fiberglass replica. The program runs from May-May. The replicas are presented during the Big Bass Splash in May of each year.

      The Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Replica Program is sponsored and funded by the Toledo Bend Lake Association. http://www.toledobendlakeassociation.com/
    2. Marcus Brister 0
      Thank y'all! Not sure if y'all are aware but Toledo Bend was just awarded the title of #1 Bass lake in the nation by Bassmaster Magazine. We've had ...more 93+ 10lb and over bass recorded since October. You weigh them in and the state of Texas brings them to the hatchery to produce more big babies, then releases the fingerlings back to the fishery. You get a fiberglass replica and a plaque for all your hard work...lol!
    3. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice hawg Marcus!!
    4. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome bass!
    5. Marcus Brister 0
      Thanks y'all. Mid lake looks like chocolate milk. Really high, fast moving chocalte milk....lol. It's nasty. I started trailering over to Rayburn. It's ...more high too but down South the water looks pretty good.
    6. kenny thompson 0
      Nice bass!!
    7. John Fitch 0
      nice. How's the water clarity over there?
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  2. Does anybody know the lake conditions at Sam Rayburn? Just trying to find out how all the torrential rains affected it. We're heading up there this afternoon ...more and I was just wandering what to expect if anyone happened to be up there or know anything.

    1. Steven Fisher 0
      down by the dam its really clear and its about 4 feet high
    2. Steven Fisher 0
      I may drive out there tomorrow and see I will let you know
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  3. Stephanie and J-Bo on Sunday at Sam Rayburn. Black Ruby Baby Brush Hog in 10' water.

    1. Jon Giacalone 0
      Nice job!
    2. Doug Gillikin 0
      Nice catch buddy. Never been on Rayburn. Guess The Bend keeps me busy
    3. Marcus Brister 0
      Black Ruby Baby Brush Hog C-Rig in 10' water.
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  4. J-Bo and Bryce with a nice sack Saturday on Rayburn.


Been on the water/in the woods my whole life. We have a camp on Toledo Bend. My 12yr. old son fishes SETX High School Bass Assn. for the LCM ...more Bass Team. Hope to see y'all on the water!

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  • Species Largemouth Bass
  • Waterway Toledo Bend/Sam Rayburn
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