1. drop edge weedline

    Evening Pannies

  2. cast shore, spoons

    Summer Pike

  3. Details: sunset pannies

    weedline drop

  4. Details: troll 6-8' open water

    troll 1.8-2.3 mph crank baits walleye n pike

  5. Details: troll weedline

    crappie and whitebass thunder sticks, flicker shad, rapala perch color

  6. Details: troll spot around tressle

    white bass on perch colored thunder stick and fire tiger rapala

  7. Details: US Paper North Wall

    Cast rock for Crappie, Rock Bass and spotty Whitebass.

  8. Details: River Walk Pavillion

    Cast for Walleyes, Crappie and Whitebass, heavy cats

  9. Details: NE Flat Drop

    Crappie on drop off

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Walleye, Pike, Crappie, Perch, Catfish
  • Waterway Lambeau Flowage
  • Lure jigs and twister tails

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