1. 4 lb. 2 oz. Largemouth Bass with a 4 pounds on a Googan Bait Bandito Bug

  2. 4 lb. 2 oz. Largemouth Bass with a 4 pounds on a Googan Bait Bandito Bug

  3. 4 pound Large Mouth Bass on a Googan bait Bandito Bug

  4. 3 lb. 6 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Red Gulp

  5. 3 lb. 19 in. Hybrid Striped Bass with a Night Crawler

  6. Caught him on a rod and reel, new PR for rod and reel

    19 lb. 32 in. Flathead Catfish

  7. If anyone as any pointers on bass fishing I would appreciate it a lot!

    1. Dave Aklinski 0
      Outside the obvious of you want to catch some bass- what are you looking for?
    2. Thad Smith 0
      The best way to learn to bass fish is to go out and do it. Every time you catch a fish pay attention to the where the fish was temp of the water cover near by and ...more the water color. The more you fish the more information you will have for your own. It is hard to tell someone how to fish if you don't know a lot of what is going on. That is why the best way is to go and find them. Good luck and post some pics of what you catch so we can see you learn and grow on the sport of fishing!
    3. Jared Berkovsky 0
      Jared I agree with you more the yum dinger june bug color works great when they are usually feeding on bluegill.
    4. Eddie Goode 0
      Johnathan did you get my email and hope it was helpful
    5. Tone H 0
      Whats your email address and ill sed you some stuff
    6. John Morgan 0
      If you want to become a millionaire bass fishing start out a billionaire.
    7. John Fitch 0
      If I had to build a beginners tackle box it would consist of 2 small white Spinnerbaits, 2 small Chartreuse / white Spinnerbaits, stick bait and curl tailed worms ...more in darker colors, 2/0 offset worm hooks (non extra gap), assortment of bullet weights, 2 Chartreuse / white buzzbaits, hollow body frog, swivels and 2 Chartreuse squarebill crankbait that should get you started
    8. John Fitch 0
      Ya using soft plastics is a great place to start because it doesn't hurt as bad when you loose one compared to a $5 - $10 lure.
    9. Chase Oliver 0
      Throw near structure and Ultravibe speed worms work great. Bass right now are starting to get on bed. So also try white lizards dipped in lime green garlic die.
    10. Tim Miller 0
      Oily artificial worms work good
    11. Tim Miller 0
      I use black and yellow with seems to work pretty good
    12. jared chambers 0
      John Fitch & Tyler Curry both offer great info here. To add to them, when fishing from the bank, be sure to step lightly and not to walk right at the water's ...more edge, you will spook a lot of fish. I also prefer yum dinger over senkos due to price as well as yum has better colors in my opinion. Never pass up any irregularities. such as a random clump of grass or a stick up, or a transition where say a rocky bank changes to red clay. fish will hold on these transitions. For more in depth knowledge feel free to message me or email me at savannahriverguideservice@gmail.com
    13. kenny thompson 0
      Jonathan , great info you've gotten.
    14. Derek Herring 0
      My blog has lots of info that can help you. http://bhoadventures.blogspot.com/
    15. Jared Berkovsky 0
      I agree with you Tyler haven't tried the mardi gras color but my favorite color is junebug.
    16. Eddie Goode 0
      Johnathan email me @ eddie@fishidy.com and I will send you some info to read.
    17. Tyler Curry 0
      If your looking for one bait that will help you catch fish almost anytime a year, then try a 4 inch wacky rigged Senko. I like yum dingers in Mardi Gras color. They're ...more cheap and work great. Just get a 1/0 hook and hook the worm right in the middle. You can fish this in ponds, lakes, river or streams. You can also fish it in wood, grass, rocks or anything else you might be fishing.
    18. John Fitch 0
      Base info: If you have no experience and bank fishing on ponds I would start small using small lures where it will be easier to catch smaller more aggressive bass. ...more That will build your confidence and you will learn from each catch. And fish structure, bass like to ambush their prey. And just because you use smaller lures does not mean you won't catch big bass. Once you learn the basics than you can move up to bigger game.
    19. Derek Herring 0
      Need to know a little more information on your end. Like where and when you are going to fish for them. Also you fishing from the bank or from a boat?
    20. Johnathan McCoy 0
      Like tips on how to catch them like where on the water and what lures
    21. John Fitch 0
      What experience do you have so far? What are you looking to learn
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  8. It's not finished its drying but when it's done we will move the pvc around and it will look like a tree and we will sink a couple in our spots and the crappie ...more will bed in them and your hook won't get tangled on these like it would on a tree!! Here it is Alvin

    1. Derek Herring 0
      Looks great and should work great too.
    2. kenny thompson 0
      Awesome!!! That will work. Great job.
    3. Johnathan McCoy 0
      Concert is in it Alvin and thanks John
    4. Alvin Randolph 0
      Absolutely a work of art...I've been flirting with the idea of doing something like this myself for a while now....curious though how are you going to sink it ...more without it tipping over potentially?
    5. John Fitch 0
      Alright where can I pick mine up and how much? Good job. It looks great.
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  9. Just a couple of little shark I caught over the summer


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