1. Largemouth Bass with a senko

  2. How's fishing on the Saginaw river?

  3. 4 lb. 10 oz. 23 in. Largemouth Bass with a gary yamamoto

  4. Any body actually catch sturgeon out of here? Or seen it done?

    1. Dustin Noreyko 0
      Awesome thanks guys
    2. Rick Wojtkowiak 0
      The guys that have permanent shanties keep the bottom chummed with dead minnows. But the one I got hit a jigging rapala. Remember you have to have a free harvest ...more tag to fish for them and there is a season.
    3. Rick Forreider 0
      Yes, 4-6 inches suckers.
    4. Dustin Noreyko 0
      Using minnows?
    5. Ty Young 0
      Awesome, thanks guys
    6. Rick Wojtkowiak 0
      I've caught 2 out of there and wasn't actually fishing for them. Yes The state park is where most fish for them in the winter.
    7. Rick Forreider 0
      By the state park is the popular place. Check with Parkside Market across the road from park for info
    8. Ty Young 0
      Where's a good place to start looking for them Rick? We're gonna make a trip up there soon.
    9. Rick Forreider 0
      Otsego Lake
    10. Rick Forreider 0
      Three sturgeon tonight in 25 minutes !! 42,44,&48 on minnows.
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