1. Ocean lake might have gotten it’s name because of the many species that lives in the lake. Yellow perch, crappie, ling, sauger, carp, walleye, about a year ago a ...more maybe lone Northern Pike was caught.

    1 lb. 3 oz. 120 in. Yellow Perch with a Minnow

    1. Joel Carlston 0
      Nice, coming over this weekend, hope ice is good and fish are hungry
  2. Details: red fish, whiting, Sheephead, Pompano

    Okaloosa pier

  3. Details: lido beach rocks

    1-2oz of lead, only use clear fishingline, cast next to the rocks making sure the line is tight when the current or waves slack the line, reel in slowly to continue ...more a tight line.@ daytime shrimp dead or alive help you catch a wide variety of fish, @ night you will be able to catch shark by using shiners or larger bait

  4. high & low tide best fishing

    Ringling pier

    1. Thomas Culpepper 0
      They're good eating if you slice the red meat off and smoke them
    2. Feike van Dijk 0
      thx guys
    3. Frank Spadaccini 0
    4. Phillip Uekert 0
      Jacks are fun to catch, lousy to eat..
    5. Feike van Dijk 0
      thanks Marty
    6. Marty Wilburn 0
      Nice catch
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  5. 12 in. Crevalle Jack with a dead shrimp

    1. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Nice fish!
  6. Details: 20 in. Snake River Cutthroat with a tip up

  7. Details: 20 in. Snake River Cutthroat with a tip up

  8. Details: Ocean Lake pier

    shallow area where walleye feed

  9. Ocean lake annual fish derby/fundraiser 2nd weekend of January, proceeds go to a child with medical needs......it's always a good thing to participate in these ...more events.

    14 in. Walleye with a minnow

    1. Randy Darling 0
      Nice eye. I will definitely fish in this year's derby
    2. Feike van Dijk 0
      thx Christopher....
    3. Christopher Pereira 0
      Very nice fish and event
    4. Christopher Pereira 0
      Cool man
    5. Feike van Dijk 0
      thx Arthur
    6. Still a nice one, and the cause is a great one.
    7. Feike van Dijk 0
      lol, tiny but puuuuuurty.....in higher elevations fish don't get as big as in your part of the country.
    8. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Nice walleye!
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  10. 18 in. Rainbow Trout with a minnow

    1. Feike van Dijk 0
      sorry to hear that Christopher, any time you're in my area we'll go ice fishing
    2. Christopher Pereira 0
      We need trout and walleye through the ice! We might not even get ice this year haha
    3. Feike van Dijk 0
      It'll happen Arthur...
    4. I still haven't managed a trout through the ice yet.
    5. Feike van Dijk 0
      thx Tim.....
    6. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Gorgeous rainbow!
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