1. Got out a little in the evening on Lake Houston. 4.5 bass in dirty water.

  2. After a long time off from fishing due to work, finally got back on the water with my son. We caught close to 30 fish with this being his best one. Lake Niconiche ...more was good to us.

    1. john stimson 0
      nice bass
  3. Just learned that the BASS college Invitational will be on Lake Houston in March and weigh in at Minute Maid. I know 2 young men that have been invited to fish it. ...more Big news for Lake Houston fishery.

    1. Shawn Gearinger 0
      I cant believe how big the college fish scene has gotten so fast. We had a high school tournament here at Sam Rayburn a few weeks ago and had 517 teams, thats not ...more a typo. It has gotten huge around here. I love it. Wish I could have done that when I was a kid.
    2. John Fitch 0
      Say What!!! Awesome
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  4. First round Bass Champs East is in the books on big Sam Rayburn. 420 boats is a lot of boats for a tournament and I believe that it set the record for Bass Champs. ...more I was boat number 288 so I had a pretty good wait before I could take off and get out to start fishing. I did not do as well as I had wanted to but did have a decent day. Not in the money but not bad. Here is a pic of waiting to take off after the prayer and before the national anthem. You cant see all of the boats as the camera couldn't shoot that far.
    Ready for 2nd round at Toledo Bend in February.

  5. It is getting close to Bass Champs East series and I am excited to to announce one of my newest sponsors for the 2017 season, Lazyman Hooks. As you know, there are ...more a couple of their pro staffers on here regularly. The folks at Lazyman are a great group of people and put out a fine product. I also have a rod company that I am talking with and hope to secure that sponsorship soon.
    Anyway guys, wish me luck on the first event of the season coming up. I am pretty excited about this year and will be fishing against some pretty dang good fishermen.

    1. Shawn Gearinger 0
      Good luck and congrats on the new sponsorship!
    2. Drew Gierach 0
    3. Derek Herring 0
      Lazyman Hooks put a lot of money in the boat for me last year during tournaments. Congrats and welcome to the team!!
    4. Jared Berkovsky 0
      And congratulations
    5. Jared Berkovsky 0
      Good luck John. Lazyman hooks is a great company and makes the ultimate cheater hook.
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  6. It's official, I am going pro. I picked up 3 new sponsors this week. Thanks to Whataburger for the free ketchup, Taco Bell for the free taco sauce and yes Bass ...more Pro Shop for the free membership.
    I am on my way fellas.

  7. I always hear about showing the fish something new so I have decided to go get some of my old boxes and re-charge some of my old lures. I am going with the pink ...more Hell Bender, Hula Popper, Jitterbug and I found a couple of old Billy Bass lures in the pile. I found some old stick baits that I don't even remember what the heck they were called but I am going the throw some of things and see if I cant dredge up a double digit this spring. I figure that the older fish will remember what they are and bite them just for ole times sake.
    And by the way, Merry Christmas Y'all.

  8. I have found that the BassCashBash that is held on Toledo Bend every year from May to September is also going to on Sam Rayburn for 2017 from January through April. ...more If any of you guys fish Rayburn, be sure and enter this. It is a pi$$er to catch one of these fish and not be registered. You can check it out here at www.basscashbash.com

  9. Here is another from the Rayburn trip.

    1. John Morgan 0
      Yes it is Shawn and I will be fishing a tournament in November there.
    2. John Morgan 0
      Worked okay but starting to get a little noisy. That is a very fast reel and I am not used to one that fast.
    3. Shawn Gearinger 0
      Nice! The weather is getting great for fishing on Rayburn.
    4. Jared Berkovsky 0
      Nice fish John. How did the reel work?
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  10. Here is one from my Rayburn trip.

    1. John Morgan 0
      The Story goes like this:
      Been fishing all day, caught probably 60 fish and this one in the picture the largest of the day that I got in the boat. So we are about ...more 17 miles up the lake from where we are staying, starting to get to the point I need to put the running lights on and head back. I have a grass point spotted and decided to fish to that point and head in. I get to the point, throw the ribbit frog up in the grass and wham, an explosion. The fish hit so hard and took off so fast it doubled my rod over. I am thinking at this point that I should have re tied but it was getting so late I didn't want to loose what light was left. I felt the fish and it was by far the largest of the day. The fish took off and headed right at the boat. That fish never slowed down and went under the boat and at this point the rod tip was in the water from the strain. Im thinking the braid will hold and I am going to be the winner here. I never stood a chance with this fish. I couldn't turn him, I couldn't get him to come up and then pow, sounded like a 22 shot when the braid broke.
      So, lesson of the day, is re tie after a couple of fish are caught.


I live close to Lake Houston and fish there weekly. I am 63 years old and started fishing the lake and river when I was 10. Have fished it all ...more my life except for a brief few years while I was in prison for man slaughter because guys kept pulling up to my spot while I was fishing. I eliminated 7 of those guys before they caught me. During that brief period of my unfortunate incarceration, I honed my jig making skills to the point that I make excellent jigs now.

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  • Waterway Lake Houston, Big Sam, Houston County, Fayette County
  • Lure Jigs, frogs, swim bait and chatter bait..