1. All caught on Jr's jig tail

    Bluegill with a plastics

  2. This is the fishes my son and me caught today. All caught on plastics

  3. If I can help you with anything just call me 231-775-4574

    1. joshua momyer 0
      Nice mess of fish...guess i definately need to try them plastic
    2. Jerry Lawhead 0
      This we're fish catch wed all on plastics from my fishing buddy bill
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  4. Catch the end of ice last year. With Jr's jig tail

    Black Crappie with a plastics

    1. Bailey Nash 0
      what part of the lake?
    2. joshua momyer 0
      thanks! i primarily fish gills so is there one specific plastic that does better then others for them
    3. Jerry Lawhead 0
      Jr's jig tail plastics for the best. I been fishing plastics for seven years can beat them. Catch more and bigger fish
    4. joshua momyer 0
      new to fishidy...any specific plastics work better then others?
    5. Jerry Lawhead 0
      They are the best plastics anybody can fish with. I know I have got everything loaded in jeep. Hoping ice soon will be here. Try some of is new jigger plastics
    6. James vanderhoef 0
      i pretty much threw out anything that was'nt, JR's in my box. loaded with over 300 new tails and no ice. go figure. ....
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I love to ice fish and try to help anyone who wants to learn how to use plastics to ice fish. I am a pro staffer for Jr's jig tails

Fishing Favorites

  • Species crappie blue grill
  • Waterway lake Cadillacs
  • Lure Jr's jig tail. plastics