1. Lake Thunderbird
    3.71 lb
    24 April 2016
    South side, protected cove. On shore waiting on son so we can launch boat. KIDS lol.
    Caught on Yellow Rebel Grasshopper. ...more
    Caught 8 "yearlings", small less than 1/2lb. They had a pre-school going.

  2. Details: Submerged outcropping

    The area between the main land and island is shallow with large rock outcropping.

  3. Details: Submerged Islands

    There are 2 in this area to watch out for. They are shallow and easy to damage a motor. The extend ENE from the point.

  4. Details: Submerged Points

    This is an area to watch out for., There are 2 submerged points extending 30 yards from shore , Easy to drag motor if not careful.

  5. Details: Submerged Point

    This point extends NNE from E side of the point. It is a shallow gravel area with some vegitation.

  6. Details: Submerged Pool

    Baitfish hold in this area. It has a small feeder spring in it.

  7. Details: Trees and Submerged Stumps

    This area is loaded with trees and submerged stumps. Stumps extend from the mouth of the inlet all the way to the back end.

  8. Details: Submerged Island

    This is a larger submerged island extending E from the point. There is a cut between the peninsula and the submerged island.

  9. Details: Submerged Island

    Shallow area, 2 humps, one runs N to S and the second is E of the lower portion of the large hump. There is a submerged peninsula which runs E to shore.

  10. Details: Submerged Hump

    Submerged hump, shallow area


Use to fish tourneys, always in the money however as i got older I have gotten out of the competitive mode and fishiing with my son and grand ...more kids.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Black Bass
  • Waterway Lake Murray, Lake Thunderbird, Lake Arbuckle, Lake Bixhoma, Lake Texhoma, Shell Lake, Skiatook,
  • Lure Berkley Blue Fleck worm. and Storm wiggle wart, Rebel Critter baits.