1. Snook

    1. Jonah Switzer
      What a snook!
    2. John Fitch
      Galveston? No way. awesome
    3. Shawn Gearinger
      Great catch!
    4. Robert Coleman
      Sweet! They are awesome looking fish!
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  2. Number 5... 1st one not bass fishing

    1. Jonah Switzer
      Beautiful Muskie! Great catch!
    2. Nice fish. 5 0_0 wow
    3. Robert Coleman
      Awesome musky Justin!
    4. Justin Campos
      Rock n Deal musky crankbait BPS brand. The original finish came off after the first cast that's why i had to repaint it. The water is clear here in the spring ...more so I went black with it.
    5. Justin Campos
      A jerkbait from bass pro shops that I had to spray paint black. Ripping it through thick weeds.
    6. Jake VanUffelen
      dude what did u catch that on ??
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  3. Northern Pike with a quick strike rig

    1. Dillen Kangas
      Holy that is a giant
    2. T Sen
      I lived in northern wis for awhile, there was a bar we went to that had a 48 inch, 50 pound muskie on the wall.....the plaque under it said the found it choked to ...more death while trying to eat a mallard duck. Thats a monster
    3. Dillen Kangas
      It was 48 inches and 37 pounds
    4. Jonah Switzer
      What a pike! Whats a quick strike rig?
    5. T Sen
      what was the length/weight on that beast? looks like around 48 inch, maybe 35-40 pounds?
    6. That's a monster
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  4. Sauger? Or walleye? And some bluegill. Measured 20 inches

    Sauger with a live bait

    1. Jonah Switzer
    2. Nick willette
    3. Robert Coleman
      I'm gonna have to agree with Jimbo, Sauger. No white on tail is usually a dead giveaway. Also check the dark blotches, they usually go down to the white belly.
    4. Jimbo Harwood
      Nice catch tho either way!
    5. Jimbo Harwood
      I'm guna have to say that's a Sauger, not a walleye.. only because there is no white on the bottom of the tailfin.. and a few other but that's ...more the mane one.. But I could be wrong.. Lol.
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  6. My son caught this on Lanier a couple of years ago and he wanted me to post it. He was the only one who caught anything that day and just before he caught this fish ...more he had one break him off on the same pole!

    41 lb. 2 oz. Hybrid Striped Bass with a blue herring

    1. Jimbo Harwood
      that's the fishes fin.. lol
    2. Tom Little
      Great catch for that young man. He'll remember that for ever. Awesome job dad. BTW is that a dollar bill in his hand?
    3. Curt Wilkins
      Nice fish, but sorry that isn't anywhere even remotely close to 41 pounds. I got two this year that are posted on Fishidy that are far bigger than this one you ...more are showing and either of them were even close to 41 pounds.
    4. Ken McKnight
      It's a stripper but could not locate that species
    5. Ken McKnight
      It won't let me put stripper
    6. Frank Steinmetz
      A chip off the old block. Great fish son.
    7. Timothy Coats
      That is awesome young man... looks like a striper, In our lake we have white bass, striper and hybrids... In my post I caught 1 of each. Never the less, very nice ...more catch.
    8. That a monster. I can imagine the excitement that that kid felt
    9. Jonah Switzer
      Awesome catch! but are you sure its a hybrid? THat would brake the world record by 14 pounds!
    10. Matt Hillman
    11. Logan Curtis
      That's a striper, but nice catch!
    12. Robert Coleman
    13. Jimbo Harwood
      Well even if it's not from today, Still an awesome catch! congrats!
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  7. Muskellunge with a Spinnerbait

    1. Jonah Switzer
      Awesome muskie!
    2. Nice fish
    3. Patrick clayton
      They're getting bigger in there!
    4. krzysiek zajac
      did you catch near a dam??
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  8. Northern Pike with a Paddle tail

    1. Jonah Switzer
      Nice pike!
    2. kenny thompson
      Very nice!!
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  9. 6 lb. 20 in. Smallmouth Bass with a slip bobber

    1. Jonah Switzer
      Awesome Lake Vermilion Smallmouth!
  10. I think this is a hybrid, anyone else know?

    Hybrid Striped Bass with a Nightcrawler

    1. never even heard of a yellow bass...guess that would explain why i didn't know what it is hahaha
    2. Jonah Switzer
      It is a yellow bass bro. Here's a link for identification.
    3. Eric Moore
      By the way the gills are like razor blades, just in case you end up catching more of them
    4. Eric Moore
      It's a yellow belly, or yellow bass. Similar to white bass but don't get quite as big, we have them by the thousands in TN and there is no limit. Best eating ...more of all the striped bass
    5. could be...juvenile fish are tough to tell. it's my impression that white bass have faded lines though and those are very dark. maybe they fade with age.
    6. Jake Joseph
      Yes I understand that... if it was a hybrid it would have broken lines above the lateral line as well as below a stripe would have no broken lines and a white bass ...more broken under the lateral line... I believe it's a white bass
    7. Isaac Switzer
      Jake, a hybrid striper is a cross between a Striped Bass and a White Bass
    8. Jake Joseph
      It's a White Bass
    9. Levi Ball
      Fins of a walleye? pattern of a striper?....weird
    10. i think you're right
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  11. 1 lb. Bluegill with a worm

    1. Jonah Switzer
      Beautiful fish!


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