1. New Video Is Up! https://youtu.be/LggwIi3-yvI

  2. New Video is Up! https://youtu.be/TXZCMqx3RWU

  3. My pb pickeral🎣

    4 lb. 6 oz. 24 in. Chain Pickerel

  4. 6 lb. Largemouth Bass with a Storm swimbait

    1. Mike otto 0
      nice fish
  5. 13 in. Rainbow Trout with a Red powerbait worm

  6. Limit of Black Crappie caught in the spring during the spawn!

  7. Yellow Perch with a Rattletrap

    1. Rachel Scribner 0
      Damn, I just went today and as we were walking dnr rolled by, beaked and kept going. Wasn't aware, now I know.
    2. Adam Krauss 0
      I fished way bellow the smaller dam where it is aloud
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