1. She's cute, but can be a total brat.

    45 lb. 42 in. Mermaid with a live bait, human

    1. Mary Brennan 0
      So cute
    2. Christopher Pereira 0
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  2. A painting done with stencils and spray paint by a great friend of mine that's passed away.

    1. St. Mary Smith 0
      This is one I got from a friend and he died this year. But I could do something for you guys. No sweat. Just let me know what you'd like, or you can just give ...more me an idea and I'll hook it up.
    2. Drew Gierach 0
      Mary, I really enjoy your artwork. Do you sell any of your work? I think some of this would look great in the Fishidy office!
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  3. I'm a superstitious fisherchick...so, I am a little obsessed with Krakens and other things considered mythology. So, I painted this for a friend when she said ...more she didn't care what I did...

    1. james cutler 0
      that is sick
    2. Rich Pardy 0
      I think I seen that guy fishing lake Champlain one time :) Beautiful work!!
    3. Drew Gierach 0
      That is sweet!
    4. Pete DeMunck 0
      U r very welcome:) :)
    5. St. Mary Smith 0
      thank you, again :)
    6. Pete DeMunck 0
      Love the tats too ;)
    7. St. Mary Smith 0
      Well, thanks doll ;)
    8. Pete DeMunck 0
      Even so, it's still AWESOME!
    9. St. Mary Smith 0
      Thanks! I'm a retired Tattoo artist. So, I have to know how to do things like this.
    10. Pete DeMunck 0
      Wow!!! That's freakin' amazing!!!!!!!
    11. Joe Tuohey 0
      Love it!
    12. Christopher Pereira 0
    13. Jon Giacalone 0
      Cool! Thanks for sharing!
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  4. ...and once in a while I'd throw them a shrimp or squid head...

  5. These guys (there were about 11 all together) were my fishing buddies. This is a "friendlier" one...

  6. Fun little fish to catch.

    6 in. Pinfish with a Squid

  7. We went out on a rental boat and were still catching them. In the ocean they seem like they fight a little harder. That's nice though.

    6 in. Mutton Snapper with a Shrimp (dead)

  8. Again, fish in a barrel on this canal.

    6 in. Mutton Snapper with a shrimp (dead)

    1. Aaron Jolly 0
      that's a mangrove snapper
  9. Like fish in a barrel on that canal.

    5 in. Mutton Snapper with a shrimp (dead)

  10. Easy catch, really pretty fish.

    6 in. Mutton Snapper with a Shrimp (dead)


Resident of South Palm Beach, Florida. I live on A1A and have the ocean on one side and the ICW on the other. How could I not love fishing? I ...more grew up in Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando (yuck!). I was born and raised here. I fish with an ugly stick rod and penn battle reel. My back-up is a penn battle II on a slightly smaller ugly stick. My favorite kind of fishing is boat-less. I surf cast most of the time. I love when storms come and change the landscape under water. I've been getting into spear fishing a little, but am still undecided if I want to pursue it. I'm on a number of fishing sites to try and stay updated. My name on them is either St. Mary or Saint Mary. Tight lines and screaming reels, XOXO St. Mary

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Cobia
  • Waterway The ocean at my home.
  • Lure Live mullet