1. Nice 35" musky at Lost Grove Lake!

    1. Derek Holland 0
      Yes it was on spinning tackle. Very fun
    2. Brandon Forristall 0
      Haha. Good catch. Did you get it on ultra light tackle? That woulda been fun.
    3. Derek Holland 0
      Yeah i hear you, I have a feeling most guys are keeping them. I let them all go just having fun with the kids. Let's say it was a big surprise catching it. I ...more was pulling in about a 5 inch crappie when she exploded on it and the crappie came off and my tube jig actually hooked it in the mouth.
    4. Brandon Forristall 0
      Yeah that's what I heard. People going out and catching limits all the time. Hope everyone isn't keeping those smaller ones. I wish they would put a 10 inch ...more size limit on em. What'd you catch the musky on?
    5. Joe Kauzlarich 0
      thanks for the info gentleman
    6. Derek Holland 0
      Yes i have caught over 50 every time out. Even from the banks a few times. A few 11 inches mixed in but tons of 7 inch that will be good in a couple years.
    7. Brandon Forristall 0
      Cool. Thanks. Been doing any good with the crappie out there? Heard some people catching quite a few about a month ago.
    8. Derek Holland 0
      Yes the west end is the smallest ramp and it is much more level. The reason I use it is I have taken my boys crappie fishing and it is much safer on the west end. ...more The only downfall is driving the gravel roads to get there. Have to scrub the boat and trailer down after you get home!
    9. Brandon Forristall 0
      Is it pretty easy to get a boat in on the west end? Ive only put in at the big ramp by the dam. I was gonna go out there today but I had my 6 year old daughter and ...more its a pain to launch my 19ft bass boat without a dock.
    10. Brandon Forristall 0
      That's awesome! Didn't think they would be that big yet. I heard there was an issue with the docks and they weren't built right. But they got them done ...more now and won't put them in til the spring. Hope to do some serious ice fishing out there this winter.
    11. Derek Holland 0
      I have been 3 times this year and always put in on the West end of the lake and the dock has been in the lot. They have not put them in the water yet.
    12. Joe Kauzlarich 0
      are the docks in the water yet?
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