1. pre-spawn Smallmouth built like a Nerf football.

    4 lb. 6 oz. 18 in. Smallmouth Bass with a blue crawfish

    1. Brian Jarosz 0
      Yeah, The smallest we caught was 2.5 pounds. They were staging to come in, but the weather was cold and raining, and the water temp dropped to 51 degrees. So instead ...more of being in the gravel or sand, they were sitting out in about 8 -10 feet of water. First time there, and I couldn't believe their color and their thickness. The color is from the stained water.
    2. Greg Roedl 0
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  2. 13 lb. 12 oz. 40 in. Muskellunge with a purple crawfish

    1. Philip Zielinski 0
    2. Brian Jarosz 0
      this was on the turtle flowage, not Braidwood. Cut my finger on his gill plate lifting him. thus the bad picture. 8 pound line, 2/0 hook, going for bass.
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  3. 3 lb. 12 oz. 20 in. Largemouth Bass with a Purple Chatterbait

    1. Brian Jarosz 0
      going back out this Saturday.
    2. Brian Jarosz 0
      72 on the warm side, 63 on the cold side as of last Sunday.
    3. Robert Zieman 0
      Nice. Do you happen to know water temp there?
    4. Robert Kuhel 0
      Nice, thanks for sharing.
    5. Philip Zielinski 0
      good fish
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  4. jigging weedline

    3 lb. 2 oz. 21 in. Largemouth Bass with a 1/4 ounce PBJ jig with Ned trailer

    1. Brian Jarosz 0
      Heading back out to Braid wood again tomorrow. 55 and sunshine should be a great day. Anyone who fishes it a lot, is it better on the east side or west side at 6:30 ...more in the morning. I want to be on the water before sun up.
  5. Texas rig

    6 lb. 10 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Plastic worm

    1. jaxon rowden 0
      great catch nice job
    2. Dylan O'Neal 0
      Nice fish!
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