1. Taking our new travel trailer out for the first of many campouts. We reserved a waterfront spot at Emma Long Park, also im hoping to do some sundown/night fishing. ...more Got to renew my license and get my gear in order. I'm sure there's nothing more annoying than wasting time getting prepped when there's fish to be caught. Any experienced night anglers have any advice for me?

  2. anybody in San Antonio know a good spot to catch some blue gill or any sunfish? I bought my 6 year old his first fishing pole and would like him to get his first ...more catch.

  3. Daddy cat with his son bout to get cleaned up

    1. Clay B S.E-HTX 0
      U know it!
    2. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Dinner time 👍
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  4. looking for bluegills near the boat ramp when this little guy came along.

    Largemouth Bass with a nightcrawler

  5. I've been watching cane pole fishing videos lately. it looks like a blast, it also looks like a variety of ways to rig your pole. so many choices. I'm going ...more to have fun shopping this weekend.

  6. my nephews first fishing trip.

    Channel Catfish with a chicken liver magic bait

  7. if anybody has ever spent any time in the Rockport/Fulton area in Texas then you probably know about the Fulton Pier. when the sun goes down they light it up in ...more green and its a great place to do some night fishing. a couple weeks ago I was there and learned a valuable lesson about using mono for my leader line. I had a long battle with what I was told by spectators looked and acted like a stingray. I tried my hardest to keep it from getting under me where I knew my line was most vulnerable to rubbing on the beams, unsuccessfully my leader line finally gave up and I was left feeling drained and disappointed. even through all that I knew there will be a next time. I know I took a long time to get to this point, now I know the "next time" will be a very long time from now. this past Sunday I made a trip to my vacant Grandparents house in Rockport to asses the damage from Hurricane Harvey. luckily, its still standing. there is some damage and a lot of work needs to be done in order to get it back to how we remember it. unfortunately for the majority of residents of Rockport, they did lose everything. the community is strong in this fishing town and I'm confident that one day with help Rockport will be back. please #dontforgetrockport

  8. last day of vacation in Maui. we stopped to watch our final sunset before catching a red eye back to texas. while enjoying the breeze and the view we noticed these ...more big dark spots near the top of the water. after walking around a bend in the beach that was blocked by rocks I was amazed to see those spots were sea turtles. over the course of an hour or so we must have seen over 40 turtles beach themselves for the night.

  9. i think I might just throw my dock demon in the car and try to find some bluegills

  10. 3 lb. 8 oz. 24 in. Blue Catfish with a magic bait

    1. John Fitch 0
      I figured it was some sore of parasite because the three bass I saw them on were from the same lake on the same day. But I would like the know what they really are.
    2. danny davila 0
      I saw an episode of river monsters that showed markings similar to this are made by lampreys. I doubt that's the case here. I was curious about it also
    3. John Fitch 0
      I really want to know what those scab looking thing are technically called. I've seen a few bass with them.
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Just a novice fisherman trying to catch anything that will bite.

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