1. Can anyone recommend a place to stay? 2 guys 3 nights with slip rentals

    1. Charles Schranz 0
      as you can see there's a lot of nice places and most get filled fast in april and may. my choice for the last 25 years has been Shawnee bay resort.clean cabins,great ...more people, covered boat slips and elec.check it out ask for john
    2. Mark Dorsey 0
      I've been staying at Sportsman's Resort on Jonathan Creek, great Crappie fishing, good cabins or hotel rooms and fully equipped marina with live bait and ...more tackle.
    3. Mike Jarrard 0
      I’ve only stayed at Moors but it’s really nice clean newer cabins
    4. Lesley Mucha 0
      Staying at moors resort anyone have a suggestion on a good crappie guide for a day in early April?
    5. James Krone 0
      What part of Ky Lake you want to go to?
    6. Mark Dorsey 0
      Sportsmans Resort and Marina, they have security 24/7 on the docks! Cabins are priced on par with area. Have stayed there several times.
    7. joseph patrick 0
      If you don't mind going all the way down into Tennessee Kentucky border Cypress Bay good people
    8. Mark Nightingale 0
      Hickory Hills Resort. Best set up. Best cottages. Best Price. Best owners.
    9. Stuart Raike 0
      Between Moors and Jonathan Creek area is a place called Hesters Spot in the Sun. Nice marina with gas/bait/ice. They have their own boat ramp and decent cottages.
    10. Travis Hughes 0
      Missing Hills Resort is a little more rustic but it is reflected in the price as well if you are looking for something not terribly expensive. Chris, the owner, ...more is a great guy and he will fill you in on where he has been catching them recently.
    11. Mike Hirsch 0
      If you're fishing out of Paris Landing I would recommend the Fish Tale Lodge. We will be there Thursday night fishing.l Friday and Saturday.
    12. Mike Jarrard 0
      Moore’s nice place
    13. michael deushane 0
      Moore's resort
    14. Nick Polanowski 0
      I'll be there the first 3 days of April and am staying in Pirates Cove in Jonathan's Creek
    15. Kevin Morris 0
      Cozy Cove down close to Jonathan Creek is really nice. Private ramp and 20 slip dock.
    16. Mark Dorsey 0
      Ken Oak Resort, been staying there with Brother for several,years, good rates, good access, great folks.
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  2. Open water or ice as of now? Looking to break my new motor in

  3. Can anyone give me any pointers on best routes to take when running on plane through braidwood. I know slow is best but any info would be appreciated

    1. Mike Wollenberg 0
      There are some buoys on the notorious spots
    2. Michael Lach 0
      The map on this app is pretty accurate. South east side gets very shallow. South end dykes are pretty safe on left side to middle. But as water levels change.
    3. Major Brown 0
      Becareful between islands when running from North to south end. Open water goes very shallow to 3 feet in some areas
    4. Douglas Miller 0
      Jim. My first time I went slow until I saw other boats going on plane. I wish I had more for you but it's pretty good practice at least for me to follow other ...more boats as they go throughout the lake. Keep an eye on your chart map. They're a few spots that the regulars stay to one side or another. When in doubt, I use my chart map Navionics. It's kept me safe so far. Sweet lake if u ask me! Have fun!!!! And tight lines bro!
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  4. Can anyone give me any advice on how to navigate Braidwood. Routes to take while running, areas to avoid so on and so forth. Slow and steady is always safe but ...more any info would be appreciated

    1. Jon Giacalone 0
      Jim, try posting this same question to the Braidwood Lake page. There are over 700 other users following activity there, hopefully someone will be able to help you ...more out. Good luck!