1. Tough couple of days on the water @ Percy Priest. I saw a few people catching some good crappie on minnows. In two days of fishing from Hobson Pike back to Jefferson ...more bridge I think I had 2 bites. Everything that I found was in deep water. Tried a number of things but couldn't get anything going.

    1. PJ Powell 0
      Try over by Elm Hill. I killed em yesterday fishing 4 feet deep, usually in 12-15 feet of water. Minnows on a slip bobber up against the walls.
  2. Caught 10 yesterday not a keeper in the bunch. This one was the biggest one at 14 1/2".

  3. Details: 4 lb. 2 oz. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a KVD 1.5

  4. 4 lb. 4 oz. 23 in. Smallmouth Bass with a KVD

    1. Kyle Brickler 0
      Thanks appreciate the reply. New to the area and trying to figure these fish out down here
    2. Jeff Hawkins 0
      Nope both of them were holding in 4 ft of water.
    3. Kyle Brickler 0
      Are they still in deep water?
    4. Jeff Hawkins 0
      This guy fought me pretty good. What a blast it was!
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  5. 4 lb. 21 in. Smallmouth Bass with a KVD

    1. Jeff Hawkins 0
      Poole Knobs area. Mid lake.
      Poole Knobs area mid lake.
    2. Micah Cale 0
      What part of lake?
    3. Jeff Hawkins 0
    4. Jason Evans 0
      Nice fish!
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  6. 4 lb. 24 in. Largemouth Bass with a superfluke

  7. 5 lb. 24 in. Largemouth Bass with a Rattle Trap

    1. Eddie Goode 0
  8. Holding on cover

    3 lb. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a Black Lizard

    1. Deleted 0
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      when you find me there - let me know
    2. Bob Kosanke 0
      Very Nice
    3. Eddie Goode 0
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  9. Details: 5 lb. 24 in. Largemouth Bass with a Shad Rap

    Right at dusk

    1. Jeff Hawkins 0
      I tried to post a picture but we did a video of the catch. I don't know how to export a picture frame.
  10. 20 lb. Blue Catfish with a Cordell Super Spot

    1. Jeff Hawkins 0
      Hey Nelson it was blue just she had so much mud on her you can't tell by this picture. A Cordell super spot is a lipless crank bait.
    2. nelson pegg 0
      that's a flathead cat not a blue , blues are blueish/gray with white under belly , an are rarely that size at priest, but I was just wondering wat was a Cordell ...more super spot ???
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