1. I have caught many giant bluefin tuna but I'll always remember this one because it was crazy and tried to drag me over twice then chased my boat trying to break ...more the line on my rudder.. One I'll never forget !!

    518 lb. Bluefin Tuna with a live whiting

  2. 63 lb. 4 oz. Striped Bass with a live eel

    1. Michael Neto 0
      I had her skin mounted and used her for years at fishing shows and seminars to promote my charter fishing service .. I still have this fish and a 65 pound striper ...more that was also caught at block island .
    2. Thomas Carmody 0
      her productive years are past. this is the fish to cull from the sea
      1 million future bass wiped out plus it will taste like shoe leather
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  3. This was caught on 20 lb spinning gear

    65 lb. 6 oz. Striped Bass with a live eel

    1. Michael Neto 0
    2. Tim Steinmetz 0
      What a monster! Nice catch!
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  4. 852 lb bluefin tuna .. Took me 2:45 min to land this beast and it pulled me 7.6 miles from hook up to landing it

    852 lb. 118 in. Bluefin Tuna with a blue fish

    1. Brooke Sullivan 0
      Did you catch that this year?


I started fishing when I was 5 with my grandfather. 41 years later I'm to the point where I have more fun watching the reaction of others who ...more catch fish around me .

Fishing Favorites

  • Species fish with fins
  • Waterway salt water.. Gulf of Mexico to Maine to the Azores
  • Lure live bait