1. Caught it bye some rocks under a bridge at the north end

    Largemouth Bass with a spinnerbaits

    1. troy wink 0
    2. lachrisha clark 0
      Nice catch ! Looks like a great spot!
    3. Elijah Harrow 0
      Terry condon*
    4. Elijah Harrow 0
      Thanks @terrycondom
    5. Terry Condon 0
      I know that spot! I've caught several fish from there but none that size! Way to go!!
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  2. Caught it rippin of the tips of the grass edge

    Largemouth Bass with a rapala dt 16

Fishing Favorites

  • Species largemouth bass
  • Waterway Cayuga lake
  • Lure ish's poppin phatty (frog)