1. Nice little 3.5 lb. chunker. I was just testing the action of my new jig and He hit really hard before I even had a chance to start reeling in. Second cast of the ...more day and 78* no wind at 7:00 AM. 4 FOW

    Largemouth Bass

    1. David Willson 0
      Thanks @grant125
    2. grantl25 0
      Yeah nice chunkier
    3. David Willson 0
      Excuse the face πŸ˜‚ didn't know the pic was being taken yet
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  2. Details: Blue Catfish

    Hey fellow fishers. Been gone bout 2 months wanted to make sure nobody had forgotten my face with a decent blue cat, maybe channel cat they look alike. Anyway this ...more is apparently camp Mystics biggest catfish, called big Charlie which is pretty cool. I got em on the stink bait

    1. David Willson 0
      Thanks! @GoatGirl
    2. GoatGirl 0
      Nice cat!!
    3. Matt Dobson 0
      Congrats. Looks like a blue to me.
    4. whitebass_81 0
      Eh never mind it might be a blue
    5. whitebass_81 0
    6. tc18 0
    7. David Willson 0
      Sorry for the almost straight arm, tryin to break a habit. He's abt 10 pounds so that's for a scale
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  3. Caught this monster 7 pounds even today with @tc18. I left my sunglasses at home so he spotted him for me. Little wind about 5 mph south and around 85* and clear ...more water abt. 4 feet deep on a slow stop and go retrieve

    Largemouth Bass

    1. Charlielewis3 0
      - grant
    2. Charlielewis3 0
      God bless his sweet heart
    3. Charlielewis3 0
      Bye the way fishing crew this chunker of a bass was caught on a live bluegill
    4. Charlielewis3 0
      Oh ya the live forage is just the best
    5. David Willson 0
      @atxflyfishing thanks yeah I really wanna try one and see how well it works
    6. atxflyfishing 0
      they should show up on tackle warehouse soon, get one when you can
    7. David Willson 0
      Anybody know anything bout a Hudd Gill? I would like to have one but they aren't on tackle warehouse and they out of stock on hudd's website and on eBay ...more they r like 50$. Just any info on where to get1
    8. Matt Dobson 0
      Lol πŸ˜„
    9. David Willson 0
    10. David Willson 0
      @matt thanks and yeah he's nice when he's not being a DB
    11. Matt Dobson 0
      Heck of a friend you have! Nice catch buddy!
    12. David Willson 0
      @jackchavarria8 no it's the opposite side closer to Zilker park
    13. David Willson 0
      @King_Fisher thanks! He put up a heck of a fight
    14. jackchavarria8 0
      Is that shoal creek
    15. King_Fisher 0
    16. David Willson 0
      Haha thanks man @Esgar272
    17. Esgar Montalvo 0
      Another Lady Bird Hog. Congrats @lewsis
    18. Cfisher 0
      Good luck and thanks! @lewsiscool
    19. David Willson 0
      Ahh I know that I should try it sometime and welcome to fishing crew! It's a great app @Cfisher
    20. Cfisher 0
      It's the red bud dog park by the dam.
    21. David Willson 0
    22. David Willson 0
      Haha what dog park I gotta try it outπŸ‘πŸΌ
    23. Cfisher 0
      Lol, last time I was at the dog park I got covered in that stuff!! But some good fishing if you can stay away from the dogs!
    24. David Willson 0
    25. David Willson 0
      Hahaha noooo it's bye zilker park kind of it's a long hike with poison ivy tho. I got some good stuff on my legs😁
    26. Cfisher 0
      Very nice!! Is that at the dog park?
    27. David Willson 0
      Thanks @jurssica
    28. jurssica 0
      Nice bass!
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  4. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    Went to the ol' fly and a bobber for this one. About 4-5 FOW and around 50* with a slow retrieve with a twitch abt every 2 seconds. This one was a little bigger ...more but I really liked the colors on him. Abt 13-15 inches

    1. Charlielewis3 0
      @gkendus prettiest fish? Guessing you haven't caught a grass carp
    2. David Willson 0
      @lukeboyd u just fill the bobber half way with water and put dry fly oil on the Adams fly.
    3. lukeboyd 0
    4. lukeboyd 0
      Bobber on Adams?....
    5. gkendus 0
      I've yet to catch a rainbow trout but they look incredible. I'd have to agree and say they're the prettiest freshwater fish
    6. David Willson 0
      @gkendus it's the prettiest freshwater fish thT I've seen. But bass aren't very pretty and same with carp
    7. gkendus 0
      Beautiful fish
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  5. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    First fish on the fly! It's a little rainbow trout probably around 12-14 inches. Conditions: about 4-5 FOW and around 55* just after sunset

    1. David Willson 0
      Hahahaha look who's talkin u lil ratπŸ˜‚ @Charlielewis3
    2. Charlielewis3 0
    3. Charlielewis3 0
      Straight outta Dawson Saunders
    4. David Willson 0
      Thanks @TennesseeTroutboy
    5. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      That's a nice one, congrats on the first
    6. David Willson 0
      It's actually prob smaller than 12-14 inches. Prob around 10-12
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  6. Been a while since I posted a pic of a fish. Haven't been in around 2 months. Anyway, any info on trout fishing in or around steamboat is appreciated πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

    1. Charlielewis3 0
      I would recommend a deps 250 with 100 pound mono
    2. garrett weiss 0
      Yup just let it look natural and use small hooks
    3. David Willson 0
    4. David Willson 0
      Oh I'm glad u mentioned that I prob would have just Texas rigged em haha
    5. garrett weiss 0
      Also for worms if u decide to use do it weightless for sure
    6. David Willson 0
      Thank you all that's really good info. I'm on my way to a 20 inch rainbow trout πŸ˜‚ @whitebass_81 and @garrettjweiss
    7. whitebass_81 0
      I highly recommend you press down the barbs of your hooks
    8. whitebass_81 0
      Spinning reel with panfish jigs and spinners
    9. garrett weiss 0
      Use small spinning reel on ultra light rod 4lb test is what I use worms work and roaster tails also small cast masters or grasshopper lures
    10. David Willson 0
      Thanks guys @bomber1 and @TennesseeTroutboy I hope to catch some!
    11. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      No I wouldn't use a baitcaster, trout have small mouths so they can't eat many bass baits. Small crankbaits, spoons, spinners, and tiny plastics would work
    12. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      I would use 6 lb line. I like to use silver super dupers for trout. Panther martins are effective as well. I've heard of people catching trout on Rapalas as ...more well
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  7. Been a long time since I posted anything, got in some trouble and haven't been able to fish. I am going to attempt to build these 2 lures and I need some advice ...more on what to use for a square bill and a joint for the bbz. @excellsiorlures helped me out a lot but I want to try many different approaches. If you know a good way just comment below.

    Largemouth Bass with a Spro Bbz-1 rat and a Jerry Rago alpha or walking rat

    1. Cody Fuller 0
      That stinks
    2. David Willson 0
      @Cody_Fuller I was just abt done with it when it snapped😭😭 luckily I got the bbz rat for my bday
    3. Cody Fuller 0
    4. Cody Fuller 0
      Did you finnish it?
    5. David Willson 0
      Do I know u @CCSCOTT
    6. CCSCOTT 0
    7. RyanEllis 0
    8. David Willson 0
      Hahahahahah yup, nobody likes going to art @RyanEllis
    9. RyanEllis 0
      Hahahahahaha 30 tardies
    10. David Willson 0
      For sure @Reyes3rd. I will post thefinished product in a week or so
    11. Reyes3rd 0
      Let me know how that bbz comes out @lewsiscool
    12. David Willson 0
      * @charles_auler_charlss
    13. David Willson 0
      Ohenry &
    14. What school
    15. David Willson 0
      Hahahahaha yeahhh no thanks @bigbass109
    16. bigbass109 0
      Eat me
    17. David Willson 0
      @bigbass109 yeah sounds good, I also want to have my own Chanel tho
    18. David Willson 0
      @jackmawer I left my phone off one time while I was fishing and I didn't know it and accidentally made my dad wait 1.5 hours to pick me up. I also some how had ...more 30 tardies at school in 5 weeks soo yeah
    19. bigbass109 0
      Good luck and let's start a Chanel together and I'll try to make the frog I made look better
    20. jackmawer 0
      What'd you get in trouble for man?
    21. David Willson 0
      Man I wish I was at your school. I don't even think our school has a 3-d printer but I did think of that. That would have been a lot easier @DanteAguilar11
    22. DanteAguilar11 0
      awesome have you thought of 3d printing my school does it for free
    23. David Willson 0
      I know @white_bass13 I can't wait! @excellsiorlures helped me a ton! If I catch a fish on one of these I'm going to be the proudest man a live
    24. white_bass13 0
      Dude its gonna be sick if u pull it off
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  8. I have tried to do the 1 week SMS 3 people for gold and just did it again one more time but I still haven't gotten gold? If it's just a glitch or something, ...more could @MulletHead or anybody else who was a founder fix it? Also, I want to try to get sponsored and I wasn't really thinking when I made my username so how do I change it? I have already gone too profile settings and that doesn't work. Help!

    Largemouth Bass with a Help?

    1. David Willson 0
      It's ok, ya didn't know @bigbass109
    2. bigbass109 0
      Ok well I thought u haven't really gotten into fishing A ton that long
    3. David Willson 0
      Is there cuz I am going to try to get sponsored sometime
    4. David Willson 0
      @bigbass109 I have been fishing a lot longer then 2 months, I have liked fishing since I was around 4. I also am not even close to getting sponsored, I know I need ...more to work harder, that sponsor thing
    5. bigbass109 0
      You have only been fishing for like 2 months
    6. bigbass109 0
      It's going to take a while before u get sponsored so before you go around asking people how to get sponsored or if they will sponsor you should get more into ...more fishing
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  9. I just placed this order at Tackle Warehouse. Please comment if it looks good or I ordered something that's a dud. Especially those live forage swimbaits, they ...more look to realistic to be only 3$.

    Largemouth Bass with a Everything in the pic

    1. Charlielewis3 0
      They all suck
    2. David Willson 0
      @bigbass109 47 comments!!
    3. David Willson 0
      * to use it @saylor_cline
    4. David Willson 0
      πŸ‘πŸ‘ yeah that's a good point. All I know is I can't wait u
    5. saylor_cline 0
      Yeah But if you don't backlash you can cast it a mile!
    6. David Willson 0
      Yeah I will. The big problem is if u get a backlash in midair braid has no flex so there goes 25$
    7. saylor_cline 0
      Yeah I have 30# braid on mine so im nervous to. Just make sure not to drag it on the bottom, that's how I lost one in the winter
    8. David Willson 0
      Just what I have should be ok @saylor_cline I'm going to use 45# braid which is a little Risky but should be ok and I'm going to use a Duckett ghost MH which ...more can hold 1.75 ounces
    9. saylor_cline 0
      What setup are you gonna use for the hudds
    10. saylor_cline 0
      Ok I will check it out
    11. David Willson 0
      You should also try out a northland tackle live forage swimbait. It's the same thing as a Matt lures bluegill but 7 times less. It's only a little bit smaller ...more @saylor_cline
    12. saylor_cline 0
      I do @lewsiscool
    13. David Willson 0
      Do you or your parents pay for them @saylor_cline
    14. saylor_cline 0
      I can't decide so im getting both
    15. David Willson 0
      Dang that sounds good
    16. topwater_beast Woop 0
      havent caught a big one but i did catch a 17.5lbs sheepshead on one or what u guys call a drum.. maybe this year ill catch a bass on one
    17. David Willson 0
      Thanks @topwater_beast what's your biggest bass on them, or are they more of a quantity of quality thing
    18. topwater_beast Woop 0
      those live forage swimbaits works really good
    19. David Willson 0
      @james_b90 ^^^ Missed ya on that one
    20. David Willson 0
      And looked good so hey, it was worth it
    21. David Willson 0
      @saylor_cline thanks for the info on those I wasn't sure about them but they were cheap
    22. David Willson 0
      I will for sure the first monsta fish I catch I will post and I will also let everybody know how it swims and how the hookups are james_b90
    23. saylor_cline 0
      Ok, and those crawfish are great for beds. The two newest fish on my profile were on craws like those
    24. james_b90 0
      Sounds good. Update us all on how that goes!
    25. David Willson 0
      I will let you know how it works @saylor_cline and @james_b90 I can't wait to fish them I know some possible killer spots for Senkos on the Bird
    26. james_b90 0
      Cant go wrong with the senkos. Just dont get any white colors lol seems like i never catch anything on white senkos. But the salt in the yamamotos keeps it from ...more sinking fast and is deadly on the fall
    27. saylor_cline 0
      If im fishing more around cover would the weedless be better? @MusicCityBass
    28. MusicCityBass 0
      @saylor_cline it's ok but it's not great. The good thing about the top hook it that it also has a treble hook option
    29. saylor_cline 0
      The weedless is worth it @lewsiscool @MusicCityBass
    30. saylor_cline 0
      Yeah I'm going to get a hudd but don't know if it's worth getting the weedless or top hook more. I lost my other one in lady bird that had a top hook. ...more I'm trying to figure out if the hookup ratio on t
    31. nick vojtek 0
      Okay man haha
    32. David Willson 0
    33. David Willson 0
      Nice I will try that
    34. nick vojtek 0
      I've never really fished a Wackey rig I just Texas rig em and cast out by lilly pads and stuff and wait till it sinks and let it sit for like 10 seconds
    35. bigbass109 0
      I got mine for $30
    36. David Willson 0
      Lucky how? @bigbass109
    37. bigbass109 0
    38. David Willson 0
      20$ @bigbass109
    39. bigbass109 0
      How much did u get the Huddleston for
    40. David Willson 0
      @outdoorlife141 they work the best wacky style right?
    41. David Willson 0
      Yeah I thought I had heard some good reviews about watermelon Senkos so I just ordered a pack
    42. nick vojtek 0
      Love that senko color always works well for me
    43. David Willson 0
      Ok that sounds good thanks for the info @MusicCityBass
    44. MusicCityBass 0
      You'll be ok. Just bend the hook up a little bit like you would on a frog
    45. David Willson 0
    46. David Willson 0
      Aww man I already ordered it. There's a ton of hydrilla and algae tho and with the Hudd being 25$ and all I just went with the weedless one
    47. MusicCityBass 0
      I wouldn't get that Huddleston 68 weedless. Get the top hook version it's much better
    48. David Willson 0
      Thanks a lot @Dutchb10
    49. Dutchb10 0
      @lewsiscool one thing that you can't go wrong with is those senkos especially in black with blue flecks, but green works just as good for largies
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  10. Details: Other Catfish with a I am not sure

    I saw this crazy video and screenshot this part. It was a 280 pound cat ( don't know what kind) and the guy laying next to it was around 6 feet tall! Not my ...more fish but just had to shareπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ it was caught in the river Po so I just went with the Amazon cuz I have no idea where that actually is πŸ˜‚

    1. David Willson 0
      Hahaha yeah I bet there is somewhere and its next up on river monsters @clewis03 but yeah there probably could be a big one
    2. clewis03 0
      @lewsiscool I strongly believe that there is one of that size in the missippi river
    3. David Willson 0
    4. David Willson 0
      Ya for sure and one day I'm gonna catch em πŸ˜‰hahaha but still I think there could be a 250-300 lb cat somewhere in the lower 48
    5. jeffreybravo_sj 0
    6. jeffreybravo_sj 0
      Probably not in the Ohio River near and around me due to commercial fishing killing out the big cats. But I bet theirs a big one like that here in the states.
    7. jeffreybravo_sj 0
      Jermy Wade actually catches one of these in one of his episodes and if I'm not mistaking its from the same Po River in Italy... I bet theirs big ones like that ...more in our river systems here in the US.
    8. David Willson 0
      Thanks @jeffreybravo_sj I saw the video it's super cool. It would be so great to catch something half that size
    9. David Willson 0
      Ya Jeremy wade is awesome @FISH_FEST That's like my dream life aside from becoming KVD hahaha.
    10. Collin Collin 0
      If you've never watched an episode of River Monsters I highly suggest you do so. It's one of my all time favorite shows @lewsiscool
    11. jeffreybravo_sj 0
    12. jeffreybravo_sj 0
      Wells catfish and Italy my good friend. ESPN had an article a couple weeks back about the guy who caught this I have the link on my page if you'd like to read ...more the article also has a nice video
    13. David Willson 0
      Oh thanks guys @JustinGoodman and @crookcody19 it's a pretty huge fish
    14. crookcody19 0
      Italy and a Wels catfish
    15. JustinGoodman 0
      A wells catfish
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