1. Details: Walleye

    Caught my first ever walleye! Super excited about it!

  2. Details: Brown Trout

    Nothing beats catching 5 of these during lunch. Not bad for under an hour of fishing.

  3. Details: Brown Trout

    Fun lunch break along the provo river. Such a pretty time or year to be fishing along here.

  4. Details: Brown Trout

    Had a great morning on the Provo river with my brother. Caught 7 total between the two of us. They were hungry for some ants. Fun morning!

  5. Details: Brown Trout

    Caught three of these little guys on my lunch break. These are sure feisty fish! Fun day!

  6. Details: Brown Trout

    First brown trout on the Provo river! Not a better way to spend a lunch break.

    1. Jeremy Stevenson 0
      Sorry about the blurry pic.
  7. Details: Channel Catfish

    Fun catch during lunch break. Had several other hits and another than got away but it's always fun catching these big guys.

    1. Jeremy Stevenson 0
      This was a while ago but I think I caught this guy on a lipless crankbait. I was surprised to catch a cat on that but I've heard that happens occasionally.
    2. jadden stocks 0
      What are you using may i know?
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  8. Details: Channel Catfish

    Went out to Utah Lake for some lunch fishing with my brother and he hooked this big channel cat on the tail. Fun to watch him fight it all the way in. Sometimes ...more you just get lucky!

  9. Details: White Bass

    Caught over 20 of these guys on my lunch break today. Best lunch break in a while! A lot of fun!

  10. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    Another good morning before work. Caught 5 of these guys up at the pond at Vivian Park. Fun time!