1. Trout redfish flounder

    Other Saltwater

    1. Houston Arrowood 0
    2. zach74 0
      Me all the info possible
    3. cookie 0
      Yes I would like to know where to take my dad and brothers fishing we try and go on the piers but never have luck maybe get one fish in thee hours
    4. Houston Arrowood 0
    5. Houston Arrowood 0
      Everybody just shoot me an email @justinstreet @tunatoker8910
    6. tunatoker8910 0
      πŸ‘ˆ This guy does at @htownfisherman new to this fishing game appreciate the info
    7. justin street 0
      Any advice would be nice. I plan on going to Galveston more often, probably going this weekend.
    8. Houston Arrowood 0
      2816601807 @hou45s
    9. Houston Arrowood 0
    10. Houston Arrowood 0
      I have u my work number here 281 660 1807
    11. Javier Martinez 0
      Just did. Thanks. It's always so crowded there.
    12. Houston Arrowood 0
      281 770 0573
    13. Houston Arrowood 0
      Text me about iill send u some address to good spots @hou45s
    14. Javier Martinez 0
      I do. I often go to Texas city dike and no luck. I try to stick to the surf.
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  2. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a cork with 1 foot of line and a small trebble hook with live shrimp

    This was the second bull red that we caught out of the two breeding pair early morning conditions to reds have been fair to good lately in the Galveston bay complex.

    1. Houston Arrowood 0
      A while back
    2. Clint Ferguson 0
      Nice pair of bulls. What day did y'all catch them?
    3. greatness627 0
      Appreciate it and will do if I'm ever in your area. πŸ‘
    4. Houston Arrowood 0
    5. Houston Arrowood 0
      Oh we will always do man!! Feel free to give me a bleat anytime I usually fish every other day and know where there bitting! @greatness627
    6. greatness627 0
      Sweet!!! Work hard...play hard. Great talking to you and hope you slam them fish tomorrow!! πŸ‘
    7. Houston Arrowood 0
      That's where the money's at @greatness627
    8. Houston Arrowood 0
      The only ones that I do are in Florida and the Bahamas we drive down there and do the billfish classic tarpon tournaments in boca grand and do some wahoo and tuna ...more tournaments in the Bahamas @greatness627
    9. greatness627 0
      Lol!!! Ya, that sure is a long way to go and I'm sure you're out there for a few days. Do you fish tournaments also?
    10. Houston Arrowood 0
      No one will go 275 miles out of Freeport to my location lol it cost too much now day with diesel prices beig so high @greatness627
    11. greatness627 0
      That's a lot of money and I'm sure that boat is equipped with all the bells & whistles. Pro version is out and undergoing testing, but yes, you'll ...more be able to drop a pin on the exact location.
    12. Houston Arrowood 0
    13. Houston Arrowood 0
      Ya only cost me 455k lol by far this is the best app so far, I've talked to some of the admin and I hear that a fishing scout pro is coming out where anglers ...more can share actual locations to catch fish!
    14. greatness627 0
      That's awesome!!! And that is one awesome boat!! Thankful for this app that enables anglers to come together to share their catches, tips and advice.
    15. Houston Arrowood 0
    16. Houston Arrowood 0
      No I'm an attorney with a big boat lol. My sons 15 and will eventually guide when he's old enough I've taught him everything!! But I usually get a group ...more of mine or his buddies and go out offshore!
    17. greatness627 0
      You've got some great blerts. Are you a guide?
    18. Houston Arrowood 0
      Thank you. And I'm fishing bolivar flats tomorrow and will be posting ASAP! @greatness627 check out some more of my offshore photos!!
    19. greatness627 0
      Appreciate the "follow" buddy. Looking forward to your blerts. πŸ‘
    20. cookie 0
      Never fished on the coast. Good fish how much did it way?
    21. Eric Nelson 0
      That's AWESOME!!!!
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  3. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a cork with 1 foot of line we used small trebble hooks

    We pulled up to a marshy area using the trolling motor trying not to spook the fish we saw two bull reds probably a breeding pair, had the lady who was fishing with ...more me cast over the reds and they hit.

    1. Clint Ferguson 0
      When was this fish caught?
    2. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jul 16, 2013!
    3. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jul 15, 2013!
    4. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jul 14, 2013!
    5. Houston Arrowood 0
      20 with a 45 pound leader @yakattacker24
    6. KJenkins24 0
      Great fish what pound mainline do you use?
    7. Houston Arrowood 0
      Hahahahhaha lmao @samschroeder
    8. samschroeder 0
      And if you look closely there's a fish in the picture!
    9. tunatoker8910 0
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  4. Wish it was a dorado turni lol

  5. Huge fish wish we were fishing dorado turni lol

    Dorado / Mahi Mahi / Dolphin

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      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jul 16, 2013!
    2. Chris Skinner 0
      Be sure to go check out our Facebook page and "like" this blert to vote for it to win Blert of the Week! Most votes wins, and anyone can vote, so GET TO ...more IT SCOUTERS!
    3. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jul 15, 2013!
    4. Trevor Hunter 0
      That's sweet what were you using
    5. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jul 14, 2013!
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  6. Getting the old bay boat ready to go for tomorrow

    1. Houston Arrowood 0
      Thanks @adamcudd
    2. adamcudd 0
      Sweet truck
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  7. Much more fish in the ice chest this was a good 100 mile run today.

    Dorado / Mahi Mahi / Dolphin with a varied

  8. Caught many of thes nice sized guys when we saw them hitting bait on the water about 96 miles out

    Yellow Fin Tuna with a poper bomber red/white

    1. nickfurr17 0
      Nice catch @htownfisherman
    2. basscatcher 0
      I love getin those they give the best fight
    3. tunatoker8910 0
      Dam 96 miles out. Nice return package!!!!
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  9. 🎣TEXAS🎣

    White Marlin with a trolling squid jig3200

  10. Fishing for tuna but caught this guy

    1. sharkingtrey25 0
      Sweet can't wait to see them man
    2. Houston Arrowood 0
      Ill be posting more pics of today's catch and pictures I've taken @sharkingtrey25
    3. sharkingtrey25 0
      Alright man lol
    4. Houston Arrowood 0
    5. Houston Arrowood 0
      But the thing is hah you'd be sleeping in your kayak because the boats full ill let you know man okay I have to go I'm about to pull up to the dock.
    6. sharkingtrey25 0
      Even better man it would be fun to fight some tuna and marlin in my hobie
    7. Houston Arrowood 0
    8. Houston Arrowood 0
      I would but when we make a run out we go out 275 miles and we don't stop and were out there for a few days
    9. sharkingtrey25 0
      Thanks man also I'm looking for a mother ship to take a few yaks out 80+ miles
    10. Houston Arrowood 0
      Alrighty man ill let you know if something comes up.@sharkingtrey25
    11. sharkingtrey25 0
      Dang lol well if y'all need an extra person man I'm down ill throw down on some of the cost of the trip
    12. Houston Arrowood 0
    13. Houston Arrowood 0
      No I'm an attorney for the us army corps of engineers it's mainly private trips with me my son and my buddies
    14. sharkingtrey25 0
      Y'all do guided trips. Cause I'm looking in to going man
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