1. Details: weedline, ridge

    several ridges in this bay, a lot of veg floating so should hold bait fish. Tied into something huge here, never made it to the boat. Thought it was a snag at first... ...more until it started toward shore. :)

  2. Tied into something huge on this point. Trolling for walleye and thought I got snagged until it it started swimming toward shore. Couldn't budge it at all, it ...more just kept swimming. Probably a musky, but never saw it. Bummed when it spit the lure.

    1. Paul Hutter 0
      Opposite Moon Valley, I'll mark the spot shortly. Trolling for Walleye and the ridge came out a bit farther than I thought. Ended up coming across the point ...more in ~6-7 FOW.
    2. Randy Fonk 0
      What point were you on, trying to find some musky?
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  3. I know its a rough fish, but a heck of a fight! Biggest sheep I've ever caught. Was trolling for Walleye

    25 in. Sheepshead with a Flicker Shad purple cougar

    1. Paul Hutter 0
      I've heard they're good eating. Just have to cut out the mudline & bellyfat. ???
    2. Paul Stawinoga 0
      Agreed, I don't fish for them, but they give a good fight..
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  4. Details: 34 in. Northern Pike with a Flicker Shad purple/silver

    trolling for walleye, came up along a weedline, got a little shallow

  5. Details: 42 in. Muskellunge with a Rapala #7 Jointed shad -purple

    trolling for walleye along weedline

  6. Details: Dropoff from weedline

    Popcorn Shack

    1. Willy B 0
      Popcorn Shack? That's my cottage

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Walleye, Sauger
  • Waterway Lake Wisconsin
  • Lure Flicker Shad, Rapala jointed Shad Rap