1. In the inlet

    Red Drum with a secret

  2. Caught in the inlet

    Red Drum with a secret

  3. Dad got this while shrimping today just figured id share

    Asian Tiger Shrimp

    1. Brian Houser 0
      Yea you can eat them they are good just real big
    2. Warren Sutton 0
      found out they are edible.
    3. Warren Sutton 0
      Those edible?
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  4. Largemouth Bass with a live shinner

  5. Total today...... 3 bass 5 crappie 5 war mouth perch 1 pike Not to bad of a day for fishing with over cast

  6. Hit as soon as i dropped off the raft

    Black Crappie with a jig

  7. Details: Black Crappie with a jig

    Solid hit

  8. Hit the lure as soon as it hit the water on a shallow flat

    Largemouth Bass with a white jig

  9. This guy hit as hard as a bass and had a extremely large mouth

    Warmouth Sunfish with a crawfish jig

  10. Smallest bass caught on a fishing pole while fishing for blue gill

    Largemouth Bass with a beetlespin

Fishing Favorites

  • Species mahi mahi
  • Waterway off shore
  • Lure islander lures