1. Decided to put down the bass gear and try for some saltwater fishing.

    32 lb. 2 oz. 38 in. Red Drum with a Gulp Saltwater

  2. Anyone know when the tackle warehouse or bass pro online sale is? Thanks.

  3. My trolls motor prop is rotating backwards. Any suggestions on how to fix that? Thanks.

    1. robert smith 0
      Check the battery connection
    2. Jr Ruggiero 0
      Polarity is backwards.
    3. Brad Boswell 0
      Thanks guys
    4. Brandon Courson 0
      I had the same problem but if you check the wires and they're correct then you have to get the whole unit replaced... luckily mine was still under warranty.
    5. Hunter Ruggiero 0
      Don't know what it's called but the copper wires inside the troll notary are most likely backwards
    6. Roy Carender 0
      Wires are backwards
    7. Dale Socha 0
      Try changing the polarity on connection. Good luck
    8. David Brown 0
      Polarity is reversed
    9. John Baker 0
      John Baker switch the wiring on motor sounds like the polarity is reversed ck it out
    10. Cole Lotts 0
      ^ what they said.
    11. Chris Newman 0
      yea your positive and negative bacwards
    12. Eddie Goode 0
      You must have the wires backwards.
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  4. Early morning bite

    5 lb. 3 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Buzz Bait

    1. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome bass! Congrats on the braggin board win!
    2. Jim Winpisinger 0
      Excellent Bass, looks more like a Hog though/! looks Like I need to look into using a Buzz bait.
    3. Rob Koontz 0
      Love those buzz baits. Just caught a four pounder with one today.
    4. Rick Hunt 0
      Great porker !!
    5. Derek Stitt 0
      Nice one!
    6. Jason Cassetty 0
      Nicely done!
    7. Eddie Goode 0
      Nice catch, was that a deep diving buzz bait. LOL
    8. Christopher Pereira 0
      Top water hog!
    9. Jon Giacalone 0
      On the buzzbait! Nice one!
    10. Michael Alfieri 0
      Nice catch Brad!
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  5. Going to Monroe this week. Any suggestions on where to find them and what to throw

    1. adam trueblood 0
      Nice fish by the way!
    2. adam trueblood 0
      Thats a good sign then! I havnt been back on the lake since the 10th. Im going to fish a tournament there saturday. I figure its still loading up.
    3. Brad Boswell 0
      Caught a good one back in the creek where you caught your 8 pounder
    4. adam trueblood 0
      When are u going? Im going to fish another tournament there saturday
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  6. KVD 1.5 shad pattern

    3 lb. 1 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Crankbait


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