1. I went by my favorite little fishn' hole this weekend. Things looked good, and I saw a few suspending near the ledge. I grabbed my rod and began poppin'. ...more I got one to smash the topwater lure.

    Largemouth Bass with a Rebel Pop'R

    1. matt minson 0
      yesss sir, no catfish...
    2. Seann Moran 0
      How often do you fish here? Just moved here and wondering if there's a good bite..
    3. Jake Dombek-Brown 0
      I'm finally getting out there tomorrow morning... Really Looking forward to it now. Nice top water popper catch boss!
    4. Travon Barnett 0
      nice catch
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  2. Silvers are making their way up the river system.

    Coho Salmon with a Cured Eggs

  3. The Silvers are beginning to make their way up the river system.

  4. I was drifting for Steelhead using a light action rod and 6lb test with a glow bug on the end of a leader, when this big buck took the bait and ran with it. 45 minutes ...more later I landed this monster. My biggest Chum on the Green to date.

    Chum Slamon Buck with a piece of glow yarn

    1. todd brown 0
      Yeah he is my Big Ugly.
    2. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Cool looking salmon!
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