1. Details: Coates reservoir

    1. keno young 0
      Do you fish here often?
  2. Details: struble lake

    1. keno young 0
      Also back of resivoir behind the damn that bridge had a easy 3lb bass under it last year I seen it and actually is a few smallies under there also
    2. keno young 0
      I have seen big bass caught in 1st kardon pond by McDonald's but I always crappie fish there that pond has a nice population of golden shiners so bass and crappie ...more get very nice in there plus a nice bluegill population
    3. keno young 0
      Texas rig rubber worm crankbaits should work in the deep water at the resivoir in the morning
    4. Chris Pashko 0
      And I'm wondering what kind of setup you do for using rubber worms for bass. I've mostly been trying jigs that sometime I'll add a plastic curly tail ...more worm which works wonders last couple years, also spinners, chatterbait, tried frog recently, and a few different crank bait recently. Accepting all advice lol
    5. Chris Pashko 0
      Gotcha yeah I have been finding many good reports on both, just having rough luck this season so far. I tried Kardon park today even tho it was a bit cool out and ...more didn't have any real luck but there was one monster bass around 20inches at least 3lbs in the second pond surfacing and swimming half the length of the pond on top. I assume he was feeding but wouldn't take anything I through in front of em. Almost fail hooked the side of him but missed that too lol he hid after that.
    6. keno young 0
      I have never fished Chambers for bass but read many good reports about it
    7. keno young 0
      Believe it or not me and my family catch many bass on the side of the restaurant (country club) on rubber worms and once you get to where the road comes down gets ...more real deep from there to the damn rattle traps early morning work there
    8. Chris Pashko 0
      Tried chambers yesterday before the storm for a few hours and no luck again. One person caught a decent lm bass with a bobber and worm and that was all I saw. Then ...more shot over to coatesville when the rain came and tried about thirty casts by all the downed trees across from that restaurant but also no bites. I'm sure the weather didn't help but I was being optimistic lol
    9. Chris Pashko 0
      Oh ok thanks. Yeah I glanced it the other day when looking up about some of those spots but will have to get more into it
    10. keno young 0
      Google Gordon's sports supply eagle PA they another fishing forum many more fisherman post on there
    11. Chris Pashko 0
      I did see in a n email a notification of another message tho that I can't find on here
    12. Chris Pashko 0
      I can't find any other message area other than the comments section were talking in now
    13. keno young 0
      And check your PM I tried to send a private message not sure if it worked my 1st time trying
    14. keno young 0
      You can try both those in the same day they only 10min apart max np I love talking fishing
    15. Chris Pashko 0
      Interesting well thanks I appreciate the information. Coatesville or chambers sounds like the best to try first.
    16. keno young 0
      Struble is mostly grass so finding consistent holding spots not very easy definitely lots of walking
    17. keno young 0
      Chambers has a small smallmouth population easy to walk around coatesville has really nice LG mouth if you can find them and there is a trail all the way through ...more the woodside
    18. Chris Pashko 0
      Yeah I enjoy hiking around and finding spots but it's better to go places where there's definitely land fishing. I'm mostly fishing for sm or lm bass. ...more Definitely going to be checking out both chambers and Coates as soon as we get some warmer weather again
    19. keno young 0
      Struble you need a boat now only place you can park unless you like walking coatesville resivoir I know like the back of my hand fish it often Chambers im learning ...more more and more did real good on crappie this spring there
    20. Chris Pashko 0
      No I've just moved closer to these areas and heard they are good spots. Hbu
    21. keno young 0
      Do you fish here often?
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  3. Details: 7 in. White Perch with a tube

    Off bridge king st green lane

  4. Details: 6 in. Black Crappie with a tube

    Off the bridge green cast to other side underneath bridge