1. 5 lb. 4 oz. Largemouth Bass with a jerkbait

    1. Ronnie Durbin 0
      I see you fish Green. You ever encounter any muskie?
  2. 6 lb. 7 oz. Largemouth Bass

    1. Kenneth Olivo 0
    2. Max L 0
      Nice catch
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  3. 5 lb. Largemouth Bass 5lb + with a jig

    1. Aaron Childers 0
      Caught by my son tonight in the rain. Caught her in a farm pond.
  4. Nice canoe float. Released right after this picture.

    Smallmouth Bass with a Plastics

    1. Tim Miller 0
      Looks like a good day of fishing. Just that there are some small ones on there. How did u string them without going through the gills ?????????don't mean to ...more be nosey just wondering
    2. Aaron Childers 0
      No problem, just kinda bothered me. We keep them on just long enough to get pictures for the kids. We don't string them through their gills either to make sure ...more they stay alive.
    3. Adam Meece 0
      Sorry about the comment bud. Just voicing my concern. Didn't mean to offend. Some fish tend to die when they are on a stringer so I didn't see the point ...more in putting them on a stringer If you didn't intend on keeping them. I'm an avid fisherman and I've seen the quality of the fish population plummet over the year at some local fisheries due to various reasons one being that small fish are being kept for consumption. I really do apologize for the comment bud. My children love fishing as well and I know exactly what you mean when you said these fish brought more joy than a stringer full of 5lbs. Good luck to you on your future fishing adventures.
    4. Eddie Goode 0
      I know Aaron and he is one of the best all around Sportsman I know.
    5. Aaron Childers 0
      Yea, there are some small ones on there and they made my kids as happy as a stringer full of 5 pounders. It's not always about the size and I'm as cautious ...more about saving our resources as anyone you'll ever meet.
    6. Aaron Childers 0
      Honestly were! Never kept one in my life!
    7. Adam Meece 0
      There's some small ones on there. I hope they were honestly released so they can get bigger.
    8. Eddie Goode 0
      great looking stringer.
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  5. Largemouth Bass with a creature bait

    1. Eddie Goode 0
      Ur guide must be a awesome fisherman. LOL
  6. 34 lb. Flathead Catfish with a Hand

    1. Rob Oaks 0
      I LOL at men who tell other men to put a shirt on.
    2. Steve Trokan 0
      Awesome ! You noodlers are something else !Don't know if I could do it ,hats off to ya !
    3. Michael Wald 0
      Nice Cat ;-)
    4. T Sen 0
      Nice!! Didnt know Taylorsville had Flatheads...I know the Blues hit 30-40 pounds.
    5. JEFFREY Schumacher 0
      Thats a nice Flathead. congrats
    6. Aaron Childers 0
      They sure did! Their eyes were as big as golf balls when I came up with that one.
    7. scott clark 0
      I bet those boys loved that,lol
    8. MAC WAGNER 0
      "WOW" GREAT CATCH !!!!
    9. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Monster catfish! Nice catch!
    10. Eddie Goode 0
      Great pic. Put a shirt on next time before u take picture. LOL
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Smallmouth Bass
  • Waterway Anything with current
  • Lure Whatever they are hitting!