1. 15 oz. 13 in. Largemouth Bass with a chatterbait

  2. at little bever state park

  3. of wood

    15 oz. Largemouth Bass with a jig

  4. 3 oz. 6 in. Bluegill with a fly

    1. Steven Chancey 0
      Hit up Plumb Orchard lake during the early spring with a fly rod and floating popper bugs. Its amazing how big the Blue Gill are in that lake. During the spawn your ...more fly wont last more than 6 seconds without a big male Blue Gill blasting it. There's plenty of nice Bass there also.
  5. Details: 12 oz. 6 in. Rock Bass with a hair jig

  6. Details: 3 lb. 2 oz. 15 in. Smallmouth Bass with a crankbait

  7. Details: 2 lb. 4 oz. 17 in. Smallmouth Bass with a yellow jig

    of a big rock

  8. 6 in morning

    11 lb. 2 oz. 23 in. Largemouth Bass with a swim bait

    1. Mike Bell 0
      heck of a nice Bass. moving to Summersville first of October 2020, can’t wait
    2. Dylan Marshall 0
      strike King swim bait sexy shad
    3. Steven Chancey 0
      What kind/color of swim baits you use if you don't mind me asking? I grew up in Beckley and fished all the lakes around there many times. Im in military now ...more in washington state. Theres a lot of nice lakes here but I prefer good ol WV lakes any day. I definitely miss it. I was always a fan of rubber worms, buzz baits and poppers for bass. Ive found larger flies that float on the surface with a stout fly rod is probably the most fun I've had legally lol. Depending on the time of year of course. I've never used swim baits effectively but have heard that they are great. I think I'm convinced to try them next time out out. Any suggestions on using them effectively?
    4. Jimmy Earp 0
      Oh i just seen the a crankbait that looks like it was in its mouth haha... Huge catch for summersville congrats
    5. Dylan Marshall 0
      swim bait
    6. Jimmy Earp 0
      Did you catch it on a swimbait or crankbait ?
    7. Steven Chancey 0
      Amazung catch bro. 7 pounds is my largemouth record caught at bluestone near the rock cliffs close to mid ways of the lake. Best spot there always produces bass. ...more Cant wait till its my turn to break the 10lb mark.
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  9. 3 lb. 4 oz. 18 in. Channel Catfish with a nightcrawers

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