1. first one this season, but a nice one

    18 in. Southern Flounder with a gulp shrimp

    1. Sean Ratterman 0
      Try the fishing dock at the end of Rogero rd. a lot of flounder there too
    2. Sean Ratterman 0
      Right right I used to spend a lot of time using jigs with new penny colored swimming minnow with a split tail it's a good color immitates the color of the water ...more perfect choice I like using curly tails too the grubs in white color too also work real good for flounder
    3. dan drury 0
      Thanks, 3" Gulp Penny shrimp on a jig. lately with all the rain, only been pulling out cats
    4. Sean Ratterman 0
      Yeah I used to fish that spot reddie point all the time back in the day when they first opened catch a bunch of reds flounder jacks and trout there it's kinda ...more of a dead spot to fish now to many people go there all the time it's kinda fished out..... Lol but that's a nice flounder man what did u catch him on...? Shrimp or mud....?
    5. Sean Ratterman 0
      Nice flounder that's what's up....! There moving up in the intercostal making there way back in the creeks so u should be getting more catches soon dude...
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