1. Hey Matt I saw you followed paradise lake up in Oneida. You ever ice fish that lake?

    1. Jacob Anderson 0
      No problem.
    2. Jake Hanke 0
      Awesome thanks for the tip. Appreciate it
    3. Jacob Anderson 0
      Dam is probably a better bet. North Nokomis and the Rainbow Flowage are also worth a visit.
    4. Jacob Anderson 0
      I've iced fished it before, a member of my family used to live on the lake and I would visit every summer. There used to be lots of smallies in there, and some ...more decent panfish. Ice fishing is pretty slow but you can occasionally take a bass or snake pike on a tipup. I got a walleye one time at night as well. I don't know if there is public access though.
    5. Jake Hanke 0
      Hey thanks for the reply. I am actually on dam as well and will be headed up this weekend. Was just looking to explore a bit and was wondering if that lake was worth ...more a try.
    6. Matt Newman 0
      Jake, I have never fished it period. I have a friend that lives over on Dam Lake. He may know something about it though. Just looking for some general advice? ...more Let me know and I will ask him.
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