1. White Crappie with a jig

  2. Largemouth Bass with a crankbait

  3. caught 17 of them

    Bluegill with a fly

  4. didn't mean to kill splake swallowed hook to far

    18 in. trout with a gold cast master

  5. 18 in. Striped Bass with a jet diver & streamer

  6. bass/bluegill heaven


    1. nate b 0
    2. Reyes cruz 0
      Very nice picture also
    3. nate b 0
    4. Reyes cruz 0
      Nice I've caught some nice large mouth and also carp and one catfish very tasty
    5. nate b 0
      sorry channel catfish
    6. nate b 0
      right of the dock is a massive channel cay I'd recommend putting some bread right of the dock to bottom fish for it
    7. nate b 0
      for spinning a small or medium sized crank bait for fly fishing eather a bass popper or a hopper
    8. Reyes cruz 0
      So you fish in the pond with the dock,what do you use
    9. nate b 0
      also some of the largest channel cats and cars I've seen I love fly fishing for everyrhing
    10. nate b 0
      about seven in the morning. there's a pond right after the main sawhill pond that is full of massive largemouth not very weedy eather.
    11. Reyes cruz 0
      What time of day have you been going for bass
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