1. Today thursday, river is high and a lot of debris but no fish Sunday before dark one walleye about 20 inches we will see what tomorrow brings

  2. hey, has any one been out lately

    1. Mark Dickison 0
      hunting for striper this morning. Not much action. heard it's been slow lately.
  3. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a 3" keitech with football head jig, wacky rig w/ black worm

    Fished from 6:30 to 8:45 caught about 8 smallmouth all small and med sized none over 11/2 lb beautiful morning

    1. Anthony lipari 0
      that's cool a couple of guys I know said the same thing I'm more into the river
    2. Nicholas clemente 0
      Nice going. I been fishing shohola marsh resevoir, doing good with huge pikeral and nice size largemouths. Weeds a bit tough and annoying but i manage.
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  4. anyone around during the week who wants to fish wallenpaupack let me know

    1. Anthony lipari 0
      Hey Nick send me ur # rumblefish721@gmail.com
    2. Nicholas clemente 0
      Hey im new to area, just moved to shohola, looking for some fishing buds, let me know. Ty
    3. Anthony lipari 0
      I wish I could still trying to learn the lake
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  5. went out today for a bit, caught nothing

  6. Details: bass below access and walleye above in cooler water below bridge upstream

    ten mile access

  7. Details: 19 in. Walleye, smallmouth with a keitech

    few bass, two walleye