1. crapi

    1. Christopher Fidler 0
      I thought you would be more entertaining than that. Lame ass trolling
    2. Christopher Fidler 0
      Yawn.. That was lame.
    3. fishenwith yourmom 0
      your mom cut me off can't post pics WTF
    4. Christopher Fidler 0
      My mom would have posted a pic
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  2. Latest day below 0 degree on record. Today Bucket full!!!!

    1. Garrett Isaacson 0
      where you below zero? bemidji was only 3
  3. Sun dogs in April. fishing opener on ice

  4. Two with one arrow 10 years ago

  5. 15 lb. Common Carp

    1. Noah Shapiro 0
  6. app said 10 we were in 60


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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Sunnie best eaten than pike.
  • Waterway Where The Water starts. It Flows north and south
  • Lure worm and a hook